Stop Promoting Baseless and Unsubstantiated Allegations of Voter Fraud

Target: William Barr, US Attorney General

Goal: Do not substantiate voter fraud allegations without evidence.

Attorney General William Barr recently sent out a memo to US attorneys giving permission for federal prosecutors to look into “substantial allegations” of voting “irregularities” during the recent US presidential election. This move, coming from the lead Justice Department official, seems to show some support to President Trump’s repeated allegations of an unfair election. However, neither President Trump nor Attorney General Barr have brought any evidence into light in order to back up their claims.

The unusual memo from Barr, presented without evidence, has resulted in backlash. The Justice Department’s election crimes director stepped down from his position in protest. Top election officials continue to report that there have been no widespread issues of fraud. Despite this, President Trump has refused to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden and continues to claim voter fraud.

The attacks on the democratic process from top officials like Attorney General Barr, made without any evidence, are dangerous to the country and undermine a system that has always been trusted by the American people. Sign this petition to urge Attorney General Barr to stop suggesting that there has been voter fraud in the recent presidential election without providing evidence for the claims.


Dear Attorney General Barr,

At this moment in time, top government officials in the United States face a conundrum: side with the President, who has continually claimed that the recent presidential election was fraudulent, or side with democracy. There has been no evidence presented that would suggest that there is widespread voter fraud or tampering with the election. Additionally, top election officials have said time and again that there is no reason to believe that the election was fraudulent. The unsubstantiated claims of President Trump are, therefore, a threat to the democratic process of the United States and, subsequently, a threat to the United States itself.

In this difficult time, I urge you to make a non-partisan decision and to side with the country as opposed to any political leader. I urge you to stop substantiating and supporting the claims that the presidential election was fraudulent without having any evidence.


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  1. Supreme Court said they will not address fascist in chief.

  2. Barr the pos will go soon with pos tRump.

  3. Gillian Miller says:

    Which rock have you been hiding under? There are dozens of incidents of voter fraud with cctv and statements, where computers have been found to incorrectly allocate votes and where polling stations have deliberately given voters sharpies to vote with and not pencils. More votes than voters etc etc etc. Unless you are deliberately stupid, and that would not surprise me, there is massive evidence of voter fraud.

    • Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

      Damn right, Gillian! Proof of MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD is COMING – you can take it to the bank! Just like you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink – you can SHOW massive voter fraud to DemocRATS, but you can’t make them SEE! There is concrete evidence you DEMS don’t even know about yet, but it will be revealed! And there ARE reasonable & intelligent people out here who WILL recognize & acknowledge it, once presented.

    • EXACTLY!! But when the votes are “legally” counted this time the “true” winner will be told– GO TRUMP!!!!!!!

    • That’s right!!!

  4. ROTFL!!!! Recount in Georgia.NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  5. EXACTLY!! OMG it’s good to see intelligent true Americans on here who care about our country unlike the others who only want to destroy it. They don’t know the meaning of American pride, they could care less what the horror of electing a communist president would do to our soldiers who are fighting to protect this country the exact second they are trying to destroy it. And it rips my freaking heart out to try to imagine what this is doing to the veterans who would have given their lives for this precious country, they watched their buddies die fighting for it, and now these POS unAmerican AHs… want to give it to the same people they were fighting against. GO F-ING FIGURE.
    GO TRUMP- WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR SAVING AND PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY!!! Unlike the demoscumbags– LIKE YOU WE CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! We want to protect instead of tear it down.

  6. EXACTLY!!

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