Classify Anti-LGBTQ Violence as a Hate Crime

Target: Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, President of the Italian Senate

Goal: Protect the LGBTQ community and women from hate crimes, violence, and discrimination.

The government of Italy is finally taking a step to protect the LGBTQ community, women, and the disabled from violence, discrimination, and abuse. Anti-discrimination legislation that will make anti-LGBTQ violence and misogyny hate crimes passed the lower house of parliament and has now advanced to the Senate. Demand that these much-needed legal protections be passed.

Despite backlash and protests by far-right groups and the Catholic church, the law will punish discrimination with up to four years in jail. It will also increase funding for educational and awareness programs so that the victims of anti-LGBTQ abuse have the support and safety they need. With over 1,000 crimes against the LGBTQ community every year, this legislation is long overdue.

As the legislation moves to the nation’s senate, the fight is not over. Far-right groups still attack the law and all who support it, while the Catholic church wields its influence to warn worshipers that it will punish people simply for their opinions. This legislation needs support now more than ever. Sign this petition to demand equal protection under the law for Italy’s most marginalized groups.


Dear President Casellati,

With 1,000 hate crimes against the LGBTQ community every single year, anti-discrimination protections in your nation are long overdue. I sign this petition to show support for new legislation that is approaching the Senate, legislation that will punish discrimination with jail time and provide funding to anti-LGBTQ victims.

Please do not fall under the spell of far-right groups or even the Catholic church who are using scare tactics to speak out against this legislation. The LGBTQ community, women, and the disabled deserve the same support, rights, and protections as all citizens in your nation. I ask that the Senate support and pass this new anti-discrimination legislation into law.


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  1. Disgusting. People getting hurt for no reason at all.

  2. Gillian Miller says:

    LGBT are part of a minority and the legislation covers all minorities. By introducing legislation specific to one minority waters down protection for others. It is important that the LGBT community are protected properly and that the current legislation is used to do so.

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