Restore Ban on Potentially Cancerous Herbicide

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Don’t allow use of the dangerous and potentially lethal herbicide dicamba without extensive research.

The Environmental Protection Agency has re-approved the use of a pesticide which is lethal to most crops grown in the United States, despite a prior ban on the substance due to concerns over its destructiveness and threats to human and animal health. Dicamba, first released in 1967, began to raise questions when its tendency to spread uncontrollably to untreated fields was exposed in 2016. The spread of this volatile compound ruined crops for numerous farmers, leading to its ban in court.

Research has also suggested that dicamba may cause or contribute to cancers of the liver and bile duct, although its full effects on humans are not yet well understood. Until crops can be made reliably resistant to this dangerous material, and until it’s understood to be safe, the EPA has no business exposing farmers and wildlife to it. Sign the petition below to demand that the agency meant to protect life from harmful substances do its job.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

The EPA was founded to ensure that harm to humans, animals, plant life, and the environment be prevented, limited, studied, and remedied. However, the latest destructive act of your tenure would expose whole regions and countless individuals to dicamba, a substance known to be damaging to crops and almost certainly harmful to mammals.

I demand that you rescind the approval for dicamba and do not re-grant it until independent researchers can verify its full health effects and recommend remedies or preventative treatments for it.


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  1. Linda Cummings says:

    The owner of this deadly chemical company gave trump the chump a large campaign contribution. He bought the chump at our peril. Maybe this next President would poison us for a buck.

  2. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Signing petition but if it’s already proven harmful, spend money on awareness rather than more research.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:


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