Cut Harmful Pollutants That Lead to More COVID Deaths

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Protect the public from unregulated pollution and its lethal health effects.

A pervasive pollutant has caused more than 7,000 additional deaths from COVID-19, per a shocking study released by doctoral students at American University. However, particulate matter, the pollutant in question, is not only not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, but its administrator openly rejected calls to tighten restrictions on air pollution. Particulate matter has come under increasing scrutiny as a mounting body of evidence links it to heart disease, lung disease, lung cancer, and respiratory infections which leave the body vulnerable to other illnesses.

Even the slightest possibility that this form of pollution, produced by the burning of fossil fuels, could contribute to needless deaths is reason enough for the EPA to regulate it. However, more concerned with protecting the interests of groups and individuals reliant on coal, gas, and oil, Administrator Wheeler has once again failed his duty to protect the health and environment of the United States and its inhabitants. Sign the petition below to demand that regulations be established to rein in the proliferation of deadly particulate pollution.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

Particulate matter is likely responsible for contributing to or aggravating thousands of cases of COVID-19, resulting in deaths that could have been prevented had your agency agreed to address rampant pollution as has been strongly recommended by leading scientists and environmentalists. Instead, you have flatly rejected these recommendations, allowing pollution to continue to spread and cause incalculable damage.

I demand that you act now to bring particulate pollution under control before any further lives are lost. You, and the EPA, have a clear duty to restrict and monitor pollution, and your failure to do so suggests that profits are more important to your administration than human lives.


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  1. Linda Cummings says:

    dear minion, trump the chump is gone. Stop poisoning us for your personal profit.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    It is UNCONSCIONABLE to release MORE respiratory toxins into the environment, especially so during a GLOBAL RESPIRATORY PANDEMIC.

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