President Trump: Respect the Will of the People and Honor Every Vote

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: End unfounded claims of election fraud and attempts to stop counting votes.

The United States is closing in on final results for its historic 2020 presidential election. For over 230 years, this democracy—considered by many to be the greatest in the world—has thrived because despite all the chaos that may reign down on the country, its elections remain free and secure. A peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of stability. The sitting President of the United States is now threatening to crumble this foundation.

The night of the election, President Trump made good on his previous promises to undermine and call into question the integrity of the voting process that has sustained America for centuries. With tens of millions of votes left to be counted, the president declared victory and claimed without any evidence that “a very sad group of people” was trying to steal the election. Over the ensuing hours, he littered his Twitter account with falsehoods that had to be flagged and even said, “stop the count!”: a move that would have silenced the voices of scores of Americans and, ironically, resulted in an early victory for his opponent.  A stream of lawsuits soon followed, with some working to stop votes while others demanded votes continue…depending on the president’s standing in the targeted state.

Perhaps the most dangerous and outrageous behavior occurred in a hastily arranged “press conference” the president gave two days following the election. The one-sided session read like a greatest hits reel of President Trump’s most outlandish claims. He began his comments with the following: “if you count the legal votes, I win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.” Those so-called illegal votes were lawfully cast votes that are being counted by individuals working around the clock to deliver meticulous, accurate results. Many of the president’s Congressional allies have reiterated as much. The president then used words like “rig” and “manufacture” against a long list of perceived enemies, from vote counters to entire cities to state governors (some of whom—like in the Republican-led states of Arizona and Georgia– actually support the president). The “law-and-order” president is also seemingly perturbed that armed, angry mobs are not allowed to “watch the polls,” despite the fact that many poll watchers of both parties are at every location (with no reports of widespread fraud). In fact, some locations are even live-streaming the counting sites for the public.

President Trump has promised a prolonged fight, with hints of violence and chaos, if he should be declared the loser. Sign the petition below to demand the president stop his inflammatory rhetoric and let this nation heal.


Dear President Trump,

For roughly 60 presidential election cycles, the United States has managed to “keep” the democracy for which it fought. With every threat and every hateful word, you threaten more than just this election. You assault American democracy itself.

Contrast your contrary lawsuits, divisive ramblings, false claims of fraud, attempted suppression of voters, and wholesale attacks on the entire democratic process with the simple words of your opponent: “be patient and stay calm.” If the results do not go in your favor, accept the will of the people and do so peacefully. Do not fan the flames for a nation already enduring so much adversity.

Mr. President, take a step back and be presidential. This country needs a leader, not an enemy.


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Photo Credit: Tia Dufour



  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! This facist pos needs to be arrested!

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    President Trump will NEVER CONCEDE, and SHOULD NOT, because he is being framed by wealthy, power-hungry DemocRATS who do not care one iota about the citizens of this land; they only care about POWER, MONEY, DRUG & HUMAN TRAFFICKING = $$$, SUBMISSION AND DOMINATION OF THE MASSES & MORE MONEY which you hate-filled vessels can’t see because of the poison running in your veins! Our President has been attacked & vilified by DemocRATS, RHINOS and HATE-FILLED, so-called citizens since he announced running for office, all without any substance or basis! He only cares about making this country BETTER FOR EVERYONE – even you sniveling, arrogant, rage-filled LOSERS! I will continue to pray for your lost souls!

    • Lance Kammerud says:

      Linda u just keep praying for our souls. I will start praying for your ignorance, poor character and your lack of any sort of dignity. Trump has absolutely no one to blame but himself…he constantly lies, makes up outrageous conspiracy theories, degrades any one who dont agree with him. He’s a narcissistic,racist, sexist, homophobic disgrace of a human being. The majority of people in this country made their voices heard this week and voted your POTUS…Piece Of Total Useless Sh*t out!!

    • Keep unhinging trumptard fascist.YOU AND DOTARD ARE LOSERS AND TRAITORS.

    • FAKE CHRISTIANS= Trumptards

  3. Lance Kammerud says:

    Shake My head…🤦🏻‍♂️ Paul i dont know you and thats prolly a good thing. Your comment and apparent beliefs u shared are as ridiculous and unfounded as Trumps comments and accusations. Be better than that!! He is a narcissistic, racist, sexist, egotistical, homophobic disgrace. Trump is and always has been.

  4. ROTFL!!! Delusional trumptard. Go find a nice fascist country and live there.

  5. Save your breath. Trumptards are in a cult. GO BIDEN AND HARRIS!!!!!

  6. Funny. FBI caught trumptards putting FAKE BALLOTS in place. NEVER SUCCEEDED. Go get some tissues.

  7. Linda Cummings says:

    trump the chump, get lost

    • His last game of golf. He is number one.IN RECORD GOLF GAMES.

    • Actually, TRUMP is the best president we have had in decades. But some of you like to be LITERSL SLAVES TO THEIR GOVERNMENT

  8. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    IT appears that some of you like to show the world just how much HATE, RAGE AND IGNORANCE YOU ARE CAPABLE OF PROJECTING – NOT A PRETTY PICTURE, PEOPLE! BIDEN/HARRIS = LOSERS & LOST SOULS!!

  9. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    By the way: NCSWIC!
    If you don’t know what that means, it PROVES YOUR IGNORANCE!!!

  10. White House will have to be fumigated and bleached. Especially where Ted Nugent sat down. Nugent PEDOPHILE. RACIST AND ANTI- SEMITE.

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