Stop Subjecting Animals to Death and Misery for Pointless Research

Target: Matt Hancock MP, U.K. Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Goal: Investigate research practices that torture and kill animals without true benefits for people.

Countless animals are subjected to painful, sometimes deadly experiments daily in the name of supposed medical progress. A new research study from the United Kingdom, however, highlights an uncomfortable but seemingly true conclusion: the immense suffering of these living beings is often in vain.

The study, from Cruelty Free International, examined the presentation of animal-based medical experiments in the United Kingdom (U.K.) media and the ultimate success of these experiments over a 25-year period. Research concluded that media reports often exaggerated greatly the benefits of clinical experiments utilizing animals. The supposed “breakthroughs” in these initial experiments yielded little success when the treatments under investigation moved to human trials. In fact, the analysis found a stunning 90 percent failure when medicines and treatments initially deemed successful in animal trials were given to people. These results were particularly glaring in research involving significant illnesses like cancer and HIV.

The findings merit a serious reevaluation of the exploitation of animals in the laboratory going forward. Sign the petition below to urge the United Kingdom to take on this important reassessment.


Dear Mr. Hancock,

“The case against animal experiments is stronger than ever. We consistently see new papers showing the poor human relevance of animal research in different fields, why animal data can never reliably translate to humans, and how humane and human-specific research is the real key to progress.”

Dr. Katy Taylor of Cruelty Free International made this timely and important assertion after a study conducted by the organization revealed the glaring gap between animal-based research in the United Kingdom and ultimate human benefit. The study, which evaluated research over a two-plus decade period, found that only one of the animal experiments deemed a “breakthrough” at the time produced anything even approximating a promising result in humans. A 90 percent failure rate characterized the rest of these alleged advancements.

Countless animals of every variety lose their lives and their chance at a peaceful, comfortable existence every year because the public has been told these experiments are for the greater good. If these claims are an exaggeration at best and a misleading fabrication at worst, a serious reckoning must come. The public should not be given false hope, and no more innocent living beings should be sacrificed at the altar of a lie.

Please launch a serious investigation into the validity and worth of animal-based clinical research. If you reach a similar conclusion as these dedicated researchers, please advocate for the end of this cruelty.


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  1. Matt – I think you can agree that a high percentage of animal testing that goes on behind closed doors is useless and non- advantageous to the betterment of mankind. As Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK, it is your job to investigate the entities that are performing these useless experiments and put an end to them. Those in the Animal Kingdom who have fallen victim to lab experiments, and those that are currently sitting in cages awaiting their turn, are counting on you to find them and free them. Please!

  2. Back off and leave these poor defenceless animals alone. Death must be performed on the scumbags involved in this animal abuse/death.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    Anyone who is capable of torturing living, breathing, feeling fellow creatures SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD The name of this sick practice is SADISM.

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    There are many alternatives to animal research…most of them provide better
    results, are not as expensive, and do not torture animals.

  5. Anyone who can stand there and torture an animal to death is a monster and a psychopath. I don’t care why they do it. THEY DO IT!

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