Justice for Dogs Who Reportedly Had Ears and Tails Chopped With Scissors

Target: Pier Hess Graf, District Attorney of Lebanon County, PA

Goal: Charge man who allegedly abused 30+ dogs and puppies to the fullest extent of the law.

Over 30 dogs and puppies were rescued from a home in Lebanon, PA, allegedly abused and neglected by the property’s owner. The dogs reportedly had their ears clipped and their tails “docked,” or partially removed. These poor animals who have endured such cruel pain deserve justice.

Steven Alston, the property owner, was charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty. Authorities indicate that the animals were left in their own filth and that puppies’ ears were clipped with scissors. According to the SPCA, a grown German shepherd was also found with infected wounds, three of their dogs were discovered dead, and two horses and two calves were found without food or water.

If guilty, Alston should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. No animal should ever have to endure such vicious cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Graf,

Over 30 dogs and puppies were rescued from a home in your district. They were allegedly living in their own filth, without food or water. Puppies reportedly had their ears clipped with scissors and their tails illegally docked, a painful and cruel practice. Meanwhile, the SPCA reports that three dogs were found dead. Not only were dogs subjected to this torture, but two horses and two calves were also found to be allegedly neglected.

It appears this is a horrendous case of cruelty and that these poor animals went through unimaginable pain. Steve Alston, the property owner, has already been charged with 18 counts of cruelty. He should not be let go with a simple slap on the wrist, only to possibly harm more animals in his care. I ask that you prosecute him to the fullest extent the law will allow.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ivan-Bandura



  1. Find this piece of shit and cut off all appendages with dull rusted garden shears. Throw what’s left into the lion pit at the zoo before dinner time.

  2. Execute the cunt.

  3. Rhonda Hodgman says:

    Human waste of oxygen needs to be eliminated from society … after having his ears, couple fingers and dick cut off with a pair of scissors. He deserves prison and any Judge who does not institute that needs the same thing!

  4. Janet Garraghan says:

    Despicable, evil monsters! For God’s sake why is such cruelty still happening! When are the authorities going to take appropriate action to stop this! Stop being cowards! Backward degenerates need to be caught and PUNISHED! I truly despair of the human race! Horrific! Heartbreaking! Poor, poor animals suffering across the world at the hands of the human race! Yes, nature is cruel but the human race is abhorrent!

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