Puppies Allegedly Kept in Filthy Conditions Deserve Justice

Target: State Attorney for Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, Melissa Nelson

Goal: Charge and get man counseling for allegedly starving and keeping animals in unfit conditions.

Twelve dogs and four puppies were allegedly found living in unkempt conditions. Tommie Eugene Mercer III was arrested for the crime. It is important that this man be charged and also get appropriate counseling if he is found guilty so that he will be less likely to abuse animals in the future.

According to authorities, the animals were found with dirty water and little food. They were allegedly living in cages filled with waste and were also said to be emaciated. Mercer reportedly told officers that the animals were used as hunting dogs. They are now in the custody of Animal Care and Protective Services.

Sign below and demand that Mercer no longer be allowed to own animals and further demand that he be charged with animal abuse and also receive counseling if he is found guilty of not providing these dogs and puppies with adequate care.


Dear State Attorney Nelson,

Tommie Eugen Mercer III was recently arrested for allegedly allowing four puppies and twelve dogs to live in unacceptable conditions. Authorities stated that the dogs were found with only a small amount of food and water that was not safe to consume. The animals were reportedly kept in cages with their own urine and feces. They were further thought to be too thin.

Mercer needs to be given a stringent legal penalty for this abuse and be required to attend regular counseling sessions, if he is found guilty, so that he will hopefully gain a better understanding as to why treating any animal in this manner is unacceptable. Counseling is further important, because many people who harshly abuse animals later go on to commit more heinous crimes against people.

I therefore demand that you suggest Mercer spend time behind bars, if found guilty of this alleged act of animal cruelty, that he not be allowed to currently own any animals and that he further not be allowed to have contact with animals in the future without being subjected to regular checks from local animal control officials.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Now here’s a REAL DEPLORABLE….Tommie Eugene Mercer III. Wish we could confine him to a cage & treat him the same as he treated those poor dogs!!! I really think that’s the ONLY WAY people like MERCER understand the consequences of their poor judgment and actions!!!

  2. I am telling you until these abusers get the same treatment that they do to these innocent animals nothing is really going to change.. BUT… If they were caught and have their ears cut off and what ever else you feel necessary you would most definately see a major “DECLINE” IN ANIMAL ABUSE!… THEY ALL NEED TO HAVE DONE TO THEM WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO INNOCENT ANINALS1! THESE ARE LOW LIFE SCUB BAGS AND IT’S BEYOND WORDS WHAT THEY DESERVE BUT THIS WOULD BE A GREAT START!!

  3. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  4. Cindy Miller says:

    Another asshole that’s going to get away with the neglect & treating animals like they don’t

  5. Another vile and evil lowlife animal torturing pos Tommie Eugene Mercer III who must be put to death. That is what these vile and evil physo monsters deserve. Kill them all. No questyions asked just kill them. They are evil lowlife monsters and deserve the death penalty.
    My heart aches for the precious and defenceless Dogs and Puppies that this monster tortured.
    I am sickened by the comment “if this evil bastard is found guilty so that he will be less likely to abuse animals in the future”. This monster is guilty and you know that and will continue torturing the precious and defenceless sentient beings if this pos is not put to death.Kill the pos slowly. Burn in helll you lowlife f—.

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