Stop Trump From Destroying Critical Rainforest

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Don’t destroy critical old-growth forest.

The Trump administration has ended nearly two decades of protection for the Tongass, one of the world’s largest intact temperate rainforests, despite international condemnation and dire warnings from conservationists. The Tongass, in southeastern Alaska, has been called “the lungs of the country” by experts, and is thought to be one of the last remaining barriers to irreversible climate change in North America. Home to dozens of rare, threatened, and endangered species, more than 9 million acres of old-growth forest act as a gigantic carbon sink, vital habitat, and home to scattered small Indigenous communities.

As administration officials finalized their year-long assault on the Tongass, these millions of acres will now be opened to road-building, pollution, and clear-cutting. As logging operations intensify, animals will be driven from habitats, industrial pollution will disrupt streams and rivers, and soil in the forest will be severely degraded, inevitably leading to catastrophic erosion in clear-cut areas.

The Trump administration has consistently demonstrated a hostility to our planet over the course of four years, but this is the most significant attack aimed at destroying natural heritage and ruining opportunities for healthy, productive lives for countless generations to come. Sign the petition below to demand that President Trump take what may be his final chance to undo this damage.


Dear President Trump,

The Tongass National Forest represents one of the last, best hopes to fight the climate change we see intensifying across the globe. As an essential habitat for unique animals and plants, a treasured homeland for Indigenous Americans, and an enormous carbon sink to combat the effects of our worst excesses, the Tongass is far greater than any dollar value which could be assigned to the timber it contains.

Your greed and short-sightedness in allowing the sweeping destruction of this irreplaceable natural resource is inexcusable. However, it’s not too late to prevent the damage this is certain to do. I demand that you restore the protections to which leaders from both parties have largely adhered for nearly twenty years.


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  1. Maria Bertrand says:


    I demand that you restore the protections to which leaders from both parties have largely adhered for nearly twenty years.

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