Justice for Black Man Shot While Suffering Mental Breakdown

Target: Jim Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia

Goal: Investigate the senseless police killing of yet another innocent Black man, and charge the officers if found at fault.

Police have been implicated in the killing of yet another Black person in Philadelphia, sparking outrage and protests at the continued refusal to address issues of brutality and systemic racism in that city’s police department. Walter Wallace, a 27-year old aspiring rapper, had a long history of mental health concerns, according to his family. When he began experiencing a mental breakdown, his family called for medical assistance. Instead, police were sent. Within minutes after arriving, they shot Wallace dead in front of his family in a public street, claiming that he was holding a knife.

That Wallace’s family specifically asked for an ambulance and instead were met with violence suggests a deeply troubling attitude at work in the Philadelphia Police Department. The needless death of this young man could have been avoided if appropriately-trained specialists had answered his family’s calls for help. An investigation is being conducted into the incident after senior police officials expressed deep concern. To demand that the officers responsible be charged if found to be at fault, sign the petition below.


Dear Mayor Kenney,

Walter Wallace tragically joined the many Black Americans cut down by police when he was met with violence rather than the medical assistance he truly needed. Across the United States, millions of people who struggle with mental health issues face injury or death if bystanders risk calling for emergency services, unsure if medical personnel or armed police will answer the call.

The Black community has suffered far too many of these tragedies at the hands of police. I demand that you charge the officers responsible for Wallace’s death with the appropriate criminal charge if the investigation into their conduct finds them at fault.


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  1. Bless the police for protecting us!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP THE POLICE from killing mentally disabled people. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Fix the broken system now.

    • What are you Morgan Dunn? Some kind of cop hater? Blind? This dude was coming at a policeman with a knife…not s “supposed” knife or a “possible” knife but a real, on video, easy to see KNIFE! Now for the retards on here who think that they should have talked this guy down and wonder why the police were sent instead of an ambulance…let me explain it to you numbskulls…we do NOT respond to dangerous incidents without a police escort because WE WANT TO GO HOME TONIGHT!!! Does that get through your thick skull, Mr. cop hating Morgan Dunn?? Do you have any experience at all with EMS or Fire or Police work? Apparently not to put an ignorant commentary such as this on this site. Do you now understand that “medical assistance” does not come to dangerous scenes without the police there first?? The police did not “claim” he had a knife…he had an easily seen freaking knife and was approaching the officers with it in his hand. Why does forcechange allow this kind of crap on their site without the slightest bit of truth to it?

  3. Now you got a huge fast moving mentally ill individual with a huge knife coming at you and you are the law, you have a life, a family and a gun, what do you do? You run and have this individual chase you? What would you do? Thank God for our police force.

  4. At this point almost nine hundred non-thinking ignorant people have signed this stupid petition that, if followed, would have our EMS responders getting hurt. Read, People!! Not everything on this liberal site is truthful and very little is even halfway intelligent in nature. I notice that there is also a trend that most of the petitions seem to be started by the same people.

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