Don’t Let Trump Administration Leave Even Bigger Legacy of Environmental Destruction

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Save lives and livelihoods by fighting back against climate change, toxic chemicals, and other environmental dangers.

Administrator Andrew Wheeler is working overtime to reshape the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in his own anti-environmental image in the days before America’s consequential election. Health experts have provided numerous warnings about respiratory illnesses (including severe coronavirus complications) and cancer dangers associated with emissions-based ozone and particulates. Yet the Administrator has refused to cut back and instead eased limits on these dangerous air pollutants. This alleged leader of environmental protection has also authorized the previously banned use of a toxic weed-killer subject to numerous lawsuits and of fertilizer by-products found to be radioactive. Polluters have gained even more of an advantage in recent days by once again having their permitting standards eased.

In addition, the Trump Administration is faithfully continuing its mission of taking the science out of policy and replacing it with special interests. The EPA has already weakened the weight scientific analysis is given in policy-making. Now vacancies in scientific advisory panels are being packed as we speak with inexperienced lobbyists who will retain their positions of power for years, even with a new administration. Administrator Wheeler has prematurely closed off the public comment period for most of these highly questionable actions. Sign the petition below to let the people’s voice be heard regarding his dereliction of duty.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

Your bosses and yourself like to argue that environmental regulation kills jobs, but killing the planet is the ultimate job killer. Economic analysts from all political backgrounds are lining up to tell you that climate change poses the greatest threat to economic security in the coming years. Billions of dollars stand to be lost as unprepared communities deal with increasingly crippling natural disasters, mass migration because of the changing climate, the cost of not moving quickly enough to job-creating energy sources of the future, rising temperatures overburdening energy infrastructures, and so much more.  Most central of all, if humanity has no planet then it has no jobs with which to worry.

You are implementing or working to impose a gush of highly controversial initiatives that will influence for decades America’s pollution standards, its willingness to put profit before public health, and its regard for the invaluable tool of science. Please reassess the legacy—and the world—you want to leave future generations. Work to put the P back in EPA.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture



  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:


    Allowing MORE AIR POLLUTION during a global respiratory pandemic is UNACCEPTABLE and must be REVERSED NOW.

  2. Trump is a vile, mentally deranged ,animal hating repulsive cretin. Throw this vile pos out on his butt!

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