Trump: Don’t Stand in the Way of Nuclear Disarmament

Target: Donald Trump, President, United States of America

Goal: Stop interfering in negotiations that seek to end nuclear armament.

The United Nations has announced that an international ban on the production, possession, and use of nuclear weapons will go into effect in 2021 after the required 50 countries agreed to support the proposal. This historic resolution could signal the start of a global backlash against the most destructive weapons ever created, as happened following similar campaigns aimed at landmines and cluster munitions. Although none of the states currently in possession or thought to be in possession of nuclear arsenals have signed, rendering the treaty largely symbolic, anti-nuclear advocates have described the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as a significant step towards peace.

However, the Trump administration has attacked the treaty, arrogantly telling signatory countries that they have made a “strategic error” and urging them to withdraw support. President Trump has become notorious both for the alarmingly casual attitude he displays toward nuclear weaponry as well as a worrying lack of understanding of the complexity of the nuclear triad. As the world steps encouragingly closer to ending the decades-long nightmare prospect of nuclear warfare, he has no business telling sovereign nations how to exercise their rights to self-determination. Sign the petition below to demand that the Trump administration cease its attempts to bully the UN into submitting to belligerent policies.


Dear President Trump,

As much of the world celebrated a long-hoped-for step toward ending the threat of nuclear war, your administration attempted to browbeat them into submission. The majority of the world’s countries have long lived in fear of a nuclear confrontation between global powers, and the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is both a move closer to peace and a welcome signal of sovereignty and international cooperation.

I demand that you cease your attempts to force the world to continue to live in fear of the most devastating weapons ever known to humanity. If anything, join in the calls to end the international nightmare of nuclear destruction once and for all.


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Photo credit: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

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