China: Make Animal Abuse Illegal in the Face of Rising Cruelty

Target: Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China

Goal: Don’t allow animal cruelty offenders to go unpunished due to the nonexistence of legal consequence.

A pregnant cat and her kittens died horribly after they were apparently doused with boiling water. The security guard accused of this sickening cruelty claimed, per reports, that he committed the act as revenge after the cat stole his sausage. Though he has been terminated from his position, this man will not face any legal consequence due to the lack of animal cruelty legislation in China.

“Faced with such serious acts of committing and spreading violence, we should no longer remain at the level of moral condemnation,” stated China’s state broadcaster CCTV in an article published on its social media account. The statement called for legal action against all animal cruelty offenses and suggested that those who commit these acts are likely to move onto harming people. That article was read over 500 million times in a span of 24 hours.

Animal cruelty offenders must face legal consequence if they are to be deterred from offending again. Sign below and demand that China enact laws against animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Li,

Animals in China are vulnerable to abuse and neglect at alarming rates due to the nonexistence of legal consequence. Though these offenders often face termination from their jobs and moral condemnation on social media, they cannot currently be charged with a crime or face the fines or prison-time that could prevent repeated offense. This not only endangers animals, but also people as animal cruelty offenders often move onto humans.

Listen to the millions of people in your country who support harsh legal penalties for cruelty offenders and take action to protect animal lives from further harm.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    ANIMALS and PEOPLE in China are not treated fairly or humanely – what one would expect of a Communist country!!! This poor pregnant kitty was just HUNGRY, for God’s sake – something a male with NO EMPATHY could understand!!! He is a MURDERER, with no compassion, & must be punished accordingly!!!

  2. The guard is a Neanderthal. What do you expect from China? They were raised in cruelty and see nothing wrong with it. For those against the cruelty I pray you can change things

  3. Gloria Navan says:

    Social media and the press is becoming more aware of the cruelties taking
    place in China … join the rest of the civilized world to protect animals.

  4. These repulsive ugly, slant eye animal abusing cretins in vile China must bae wiped off the planet. These bastards need to be turned into fertiliser!

  5. Linda Cummings says:

    china, don’t you get tired of being heartless soulless barbarains with dicks so tiny that you kill wonderful animals because you think it will make your tiny little dicks bigger? It won’t, so stop being the neanderthal assholes the world has come to know you to be.

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