Mitch McConnell: Don’t Push Millions of Americans Into Poverty During Pandemic

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support comprehensive COVID-19 relief package for the American people.

Worldwide, upwards of 150 million people will live in extreme poverty by 2021, due in large part to global devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In just five months, eight million Americans have fallen below the poverty line. Despite what some politicians would have you believe, the country is still very much in dire straits as infections surge in every state and multiple industries teeter on the edge of economic collapse. In the midst of this upheaval, leaders of the United States Senate are actively avoiding the crisis and even attempting to sabotage efforts to secure urgently needed aid for the American people.

The White House and House of Representatives leaders are inching closer to a compromise on a broad stimulus package. This aid would funnel needed funds to everyday Americans, battered businesses, front-line healthcare workers, and the local governments that have largely been left to deal with the pandemic on their own. One major obstacle still stands in the way, however: the U.S. Senate. Even as the other members of the federal government talk, Senate leaders have remained largely if not entirely absent from negotiations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has staged a “show” vote on a very small and narrow package in a likely attempt to give the illusion of action. …a vote on legislation that will almost certainly not pass because it leaves huge chunks of Americans behind. In fact, the Senate leader has reportedly tried to dissuade the White House from making a pre-election deal because it would “badly divide” his Republican members, many of whom do not want to invest in any additional aid at all. Vulnerable incumbents up for reelection would have to go on record as voting against a rescue package for their constituents. Once again, political power-grabs have taken priority over the well-being and security of the people.

Sign the petition below to demand Senator McConnell get his priorities straight and support this essential lifeline.


Dear Senator McConnell,

The clock is ticking. Will you support urgent aid for the American people, or will you continue to throw up heartless roadblocks in an attempt to protect your cowardly colleagues? Non-partisan analysts have warned you that a two-trillion dollar at minimum stimulus is needed to bolster the economy and save it from catastrophe. A House package was passed months ago, and in the interim the Senate has accomplished exactly nothing except vetoes of any compromise and strange statements that “no more is needed.”

Wall Street is not Main Street, Senator. Tens of millions of Americans are still suffering…losing their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods, and—in the most tragic cases—their very lives. While billionaires may be making out like bandits, since May eight million more Americans have been introduced to poverty. And since the beginning of this tragedy, over 200,000 families have lost a loved one: a number that will likely rise much higher. If any of these lives truly matter to you, honor them with a helping hand and not a closed fist.

If only your political prospects matter, consider who ultimately has the power to remove you from office and replace you with a representative of and for the people.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


  1. Moscow Mitch. Pos like tRump.


  3. It isn’t Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who are holding up the COVID-19 relief package. The $2.2 trillion package Pelosi and the Democrats want contains allocations for projects unrelated to the coronavirus. If the Democrats would trim the fat, a compromise could be reached.

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    You evil little sleezy dwerp faced asshole.

  5. I heard sen. mcconnell referred to as that “SonuvaMitch”….. catchy, eh?

  6. If I get ahold of that fucker that fucker is cat food for my cats

  7. Patricia Wicker says:

    Mitch is an Idiot!!!

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