Vista Outdoor: Don’t Invest in Tool for Mass Shootings

Target: Chris Metz, CEO of Vista Outdoor

Goal: Don’t sell deadly products used by mass shooters and terrorists.

As other companies sever ties with the deadly gun and ammunition industries, major recreation retailer Vista Outdoor is doubling down on investments in products designed to kill. Vista recently announced it is purchasing parts of the notorious gun manufacturer Remington Arms, maker of the AR-15 assault rifle.

After years of mass shootings in schools, places of worship, and other community spaces, public opinion has turned decisively against gunmakers who market the weapons used by deranged killers and domestic terrorists. In 2018, Remington announced it would file for bankruptcy in the face of declining sales and an increasing number of retailers refusing to sell its products. The company is among the worst of the worst when it comes to gun manufacturers. In August 2019, the same month that back-to-back shootings in Texas and Ohio killed more than 30 people, Remington petitioned the Supreme Court to protect it from lawsuits filed by the grieving families of gun violence victims.

The decline of Remington is a sign that millions of people all over the U.S. are no longer willing to put up with senseless gun violence claiming the lives of their children, parents, and neighbors. However, Vista Outdoor seems determined to give new life to Remington brands. In a recent $81.4 million deal, Vista purchased parts of Remington’s ammunition and accessories businesses. While Vista claims the move is about supporting “The migration back to nature and into the outdoors,” there is the very real likelihood some of its new brands will end up in the wrong hands and be turned against defenseless civilians.

Add your name to the below petition asking Vista Outdoor to get out of the gun business and stop enabling deadly violence.


Dear  Mr.  Metz,

We, the undersigned, call on Vista Outdoor to cancel its purchase of Remington Arms brands and stop selling products used to maim and kill. Remington’s bankruptcy is a sign that public opinion has turned against the gun industry, with more and more businesses refusing to sell lethal weapons that have been used in horrific mass shootings. Vista’s decision to give new life to Remington ammunition and accessory products is a step in the wrong direction for your company.

Vista’s press release announcing the Remington deal claimed the move is about supporting “The migration back to nature and into the outdoors.” However, it seems that it is really about profiting off brands and products that have become the go-to weapons of mass shooters and domestic terrorists. Vista is a company millions of people turn to when they want to have a good time outside. It should not be associated with mass shootings and other deadly gun violence.

Please, cancel the deal with Remington and get out of the guns and ammunition business. It’s time to stop selling the preferred tools of mass murderers.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jacqui Skill says:

    Vista Outdoors you people are scum bags! You disgust me! I will be sure and let everyone know that you don’t mind making money off the shooting deaths of innocent civilians and children and mass killings of innocent people! You are barbarians!

  2. Sorry, fascists! You won’t take our rights away. Your reasoning for the petition even is so full of fallacies it’s not even funny. Also with the recent unrest in 2020 you realize that there were MILLIONS of new gun owners created, right? People who never had before and ran right into the lies they’ve been being told previously by people like you. Now they know better. Think THEY will let you take their rights away when they recently awakened to the need to be able to protect their families when the government and police WILL NOT? Yeah….I don’t think so either.

  3. Maria Bertrand says:


  4. Lexie Cataldo says:

    Helping to murder will be your legacy. Even the Winchesters regretted their sales.

  5. Geez, the firearms illiterates on here with their cheerleader, the foul mouthed gilda. It would be interesting to know how many of the people that blindly sign this petition have the slightest idea how many AR 15 platforms are in the hands of the law abiding and how many crimes are committed by them. The proof of the pudding? Yep, an AR 15 is a medium powered semi-automatic rifle that is actually used in very few crimes. It is not an “assault rifle” and it is not used by any military on the face of the earth but unfortunately that doesn’t stop the poopmouth gilda from running off on a subject that she knows nothing about. Hey gil…do you know how many times each year that armed citizens save lives or stop crime by being armed? I presume not since you run your foul mouth at every opportunity saying nothing of importance and simply showing your ignorance.

  6. Oh look. Trumptards who say nothing about foul mouthed trumptards or dotard. Too stupid to find those rallies where p***y grabber says f words? BYEDON!!!!!!

  7. “…Vista claims the move is about supporting “The migration back to nature and into the outdoors,”… WHAT???? So they’re condoning hunting for fun!?!? That’s the next thing that needs serious rethinking… hunting permits and licences must be reduced so that Nature can rebound. Trigger/killing happy humans need to be kept under control in all aspects of gun/rifle/shotgun or bowstring use.

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