Don’t Endanger Vital Wetlands with Ineffective Flood Controls

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Protect vulnerable wildlife by withholding funding from a widely-criticized flood control program.

After devastating floods in 2019, interest in a system of pumps in the Mississippi Delta has been revived as a measure to reduce and control water levels. However, while the pumps would protect thousands of acres of farmland in the Yazoo backwater, they would not have saved the areas hit hardest by recent flooding. Furthermore, pumping would drain as much as 270,000 acres of vital wetlands, destroying habitats for countless animal and plant species.

The project, begun in 1941, was canceled by the EPA in 2008 following concerns raised over the environmental impacts and the low ratio of benefits to its projected cost of $380 million, plus millions more for maintenance. Since the pumps would lower water levels by negligible amounts while lower-income farmers and workers in the region would still be at the mercy of floods, it’s clear that those with the greatest interest in the project are the agricultural and construction firms that would rake in tax dollars while destroying irreplaceable wetlands. This careless plundering of public coffers and the environment can’t be allowed to stand. Sign the petition below to demand that the project be halted.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

The Yazoo backwater pumps have been touted as a solution to the very real problems of several thousand of the poorest Mississippians. However, an astronomical price tag, limited effectiveness at flood control, and the threat of irreversible environmental destruction have held the project at bay for years, under presidential administrations of both parties.

To allow the pumps to be constructed would saddle the public with staggering costs and little real benefit while ruining a vast area of vital natural habitat. I demand that you maintain the 2008 rejection of the project to protect the Mississippi Delta and its residents.


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  1. My question is. Was the world made with water pumps included? The pumps like many other similar solutions to this and other issues is a manmade quick fix, at taxpayers expense, to another problem. The issue lies in overpopulation and the construction of homes in lands that are not suppose to be populated, farming and the building of dams and other structures to change and rearrange the original and natural flow of the waters. Man has failed to live in harmony with the land and to take seriously the consequences from trying to control it.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    Every politician and government administrator should undergo an intelligence test, and take a lie-detector to find out where they stand when it comes to protecting the environment.

    Clearly, as the previous writer pointed out, wetlands are imperative to a healthy environment!

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