Protect the Mojave Desert Tortoise from Extinction

Target: Eric Sklar, President, CA Fish and Game Commission

Goal: Protect the Mojave Desert tortoise from extinction before it disappears from the California desert forever.

The population of the Mojave Desert tortoise has fallen by over 50 percent. The species has been granted temporary protection while the California Fish and Game Commission decides whether the species warrants more permanent preservation measures.

The dangers facing the tortoise are not “temporary.” Urban development, mining, hunting, predators, military endeavors, vehicles, and disease have ravaged the tortoise population. In some areas, it has decreased by over 90 percent. Baby tortoises are especially vulnerable because they lack the durable and protective shells of their elders. Meanwhile, female tortoises are struggling to lay their eggs as global warming rises desert temperatures higher than even their bodies can handle.

As we can see, these dangers are not going away anytime soon. Instead, it must be left up to us to put in place permanent protections that can help ward off these threats. Sign the petition to ask the state of California to enact permanent endangered species protections for the Mojave Desert tortoise.


Dear President Sklar,

The Mojave Desert tortoise has seen its population decrease by over 50 percent. Some areas have seen small populations fall by as much as 90 percent. You have taken an admirable step in granting temporary protections as you consider a more permanent solution.

However, the dangers facing the tortoise, dangers that include global warming, disease, development, and hunting, are not temporary. I ask that you enact a permanent solution immediately. Time is running out for this unique desert tortoise.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Southwest Region USFWS


  1. Protect the Mojave Desert tortoise from extinction before it disappears from the California desert forever.
    While corrupt Trump is president this precious Mojave Desert Tortoise is not safe. No precious and innocent Wildlife in
    America is safe while Trump is President.Trump is deliberately allowing the murder of all the Wildlife so his lowlife sons and the hunters can torture and murder the precious and helpless Wildlife. Down with Trump.

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