“Why Should I Care?”: President Trump, Character Counts in America

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Exemplify true character by ending abusive rhetoric and destructive policies.

“Personal responsibility, integrity, and the other values which define our unique American spirit underpin our system of self-government and inspire us to continue working toward a more perfect Union. ”

The White House released these words to proclaim National Character Counts Week. The President, however, spends every week living by a far different mantra…a mantra characterized by the response he allegedly gave when an adviser pondered the adverse effects of some of his policies on future generations: “Why should I care? I’ll be dead. Let them handle it.”

As the West Coast continues to burn, he has refused California desperately needed federal aid. He has implied that it was not the mask-less and people-packed events he continues to hold that led to his COVID-19 diagnosis, but rather his interactions with Gold Star families. He has given a worldwide public platform to the absurd conspiracy theory that the Seal 6 team who risked their lives to bring Osama bin Laden to justice killed a body double instead and had since been assassinated….news to the very alive men who actually served on that team.  In the wake of a domestic terrorist plot to kidnap a governor, the president has called for the imprisonment of this governor and other political rivals.  He has promoted what appears to be Russian-generated disinformation about Joe Biden and his son, even though his intelligence agencies warned him that his lawyer Rudy Giuliani was the target of just such a disinformation campaign. He has called the first Black and Asian-American female vice-presidential candidate in American history a “monster.”

As reports emerge that three-quarters of billionaires have doubled their wealth during the economic crush of the pandemic, the president still refuses to negotiate an aid package for the millions of Americans newly introduced to poverty. And as America continues to lay claim to a full one-fifth of the world’s COVID-19 deaths, the President floods his rallies with false narratives like “it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing.”

Sign the petition below to let the president know that you care about America’s future, even if he does not.


Dear President Trump,

“We must resolve to build lives and communities grounded in moral clarity…every opportunity to show consideration for another person is also an opportunity to build habits of kindness and strengthen our character.  Our words and deeds leave imprints …”

If these words sound vaguely familiar, President Trump, they are comments to which you signed your name in celebration of National Character Counts Week.  These statements beg the question: what imprint are you leaving, Mr. President? In the past few weeks, you have parroted a message regarding COVID-19 that “it affects only elderly people; that’s it.” What does this false statement say to seniors…buck up and be prepared to die? You have told Americans, including the millions newly living in poverty, that the country is “rounding a corner,” even as urgent relief for them remains a distant speck on the horizon. You have refused aid to a state that is literally burning as we speak. And you have continued to faithfully peddle disinformation and call for the jailing of your political opponents, even as your own legally questionable activities come to greater light.

You urge the American people to “exemplify the character qualities to which we all aspire.” Please take your own advice and be a true beacon for this week of character-building. Or, in the words of the First Lady, Mr. President: “be best.”


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sgt. Tony Harp



  1. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!! Beat biden, I mean harris! America IS NOT a communist nation.

  2. How can anyone support a man who continuously lies, won’t read reports, asks people on his staff to do illegal things, knows nothing about the law, acts like an angry toddler when he doesn’t get what he wants, likes no one but himself, calls fallen soldiers “suckers” because they didn’t get out of the military due to bone spurs, calls anything ( including the truth) that he doesn’t agree with “fake news”, has no respect for women and people who aren’t white, lies about his ties with Russia, uses the Country’s attorney general as his personal attorney, pays off women he has had sex with so that he looks squeaky clean, hires people who know nothing about government to run divisions in government (including family members), says he will not step down from the office if he loses the Presidential re-election and calls violent groups to “stand by” to start a civil war. He is a man with NO integrity!! And he is your President. Need I say more?!

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:


    Trump wants to be dictator of the United States!!!
    Trump is in collusion with Russia and South Korea because he likes dictators and wants to be the NEW HILTER OF THE UNITED STATES – ALONG WITH OTHER CORRUPT REPUBLICANS WHO ARE WHITE SUPREMISTS AND RACISTS!!!

    Vote Biden/Harris November 3rd and bring back democracy and animals right and protections/environmental rights and protections/social rights and protections/legal rights and protections to the United States!!!

  4. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Vote Trump OUT!!!!!
    Trump is a dictator and a SLOB!!!

  5. Down with Trump. The destroyer of America.
    God save America.

  6. It’s is so unbelievable that someone of this character is a President,,,,Seriously I really hope America can see this dangerous individual for what he really is,,,, A Horrible person,,, I don’t like to say he is human, if he is,, he’s a shit one that’s for sure,, crazy. America and the world DO NOT need people like this running the world,, sorry,, meant to say RUINING the world!!!!!! Big Trouble ahead if he wins!!!

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