Justice for Puppy Reportedly Thrown and Injured in Viral Video

Target: Kim Foxx, District Attorney of Chicago, IL

Goal: Seek justice for dog who was reportedly thrown and injured during altercation.

A viral video shared on Twitter and other social media outlets reportedly shows an agitated woman holding a puppy and engaging in a verbal and physical altercation with the man filming. Towards the end of the altercation, the woman seemingly throws a puppy that she was holding throughout the footage at the man. The dog appears to hit the man before plummeting to the pavement, where the dog lays in a heap, whimpering. The man proceeds to pick up and comfort the dog, while telling the woman that he will not surrender the animal into her care.

The man in the video is identifiable only by his Twitter handle, @Mulaflare. He originally posted the video to Twitter, indicating in the caption that he was keeping the dog, saying: “Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.” Twitter has since identified the video as containing sensitive content and warns potential viewers of the troublesome imagery before allowing them to proceed to watching the video. However, the video has not been removed. The original poster has since posted a second video that shows the beginning of the altercation, where the woman seemingly attempts to stick her hands into the driver’s side window of the man’s vehicle.

The woman in the video appears agitated and disturbed. She refers to possible previous mental health conditions. Although both the man filming the video and the woman in the video remain somewhat anonymous, the Twitter account @Mulaflare identifies their location as Chicago. Sign this petition to urge the city of Chicago to investigate this apparent incident of animal abuse, seek justice for the poor dog seemingly harmed in this video, and mental health services for the woman involved, should they be required.


Dear District Attorney Foxx,

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter. It seemingly depicts a woman and a man in a verbal and physical altercation that ends when the woman throws a helpless puppy at the man. Although there are distressing themes throughout the video such as apparently racist language from the woman and the suggestion of mental health issues, the most distressing image is of the dog reportedly being thrown and subsequently whimpering in pain as the altercation continues.

No animal deserves to be treated so inhumanely and the woman reportedly involved in the altercation must be held accountable. I urge you to investigate the incidents depicted in the video, to seek justice for this dog, and to pursue mental health services for this woman, should they be required.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Twitter @Mulaflare

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  1. Get the sick freak that did this tie to back of car and hit highway during rush hour at 75mph for about 10 mile till it is hamburg — throw remains in trash!

  2. Carol A Bordin says:

    Animals like this puppy DESERVE to be Cared for By Caring People, not the mentally disturbed! If she can throw “her puppy” at a man then she doesn’t deserve to have this puppy any longer…serve her the justice she needs for her injustice!

    Please surrender this puppy for a great adoption with loving children and family!

  3. Bethany Hyatt says:


  4. Michelle Stewart says:

    I’m glad the man took the dog & wouldn’t give it back to her. I hope he takes the puppy to a veterinarian. She must be identified and charged. She must be banned for life of owning or going near any animals ever again. Her home also must be checked for other animals. If there are any, they must be removed from her place & adopted out to other people.

    • I don’t like the word ”Own” or ”it” when referring to animals. They are living beings like us. They are family and should use the word ”adopt” when we to a shelter to adopt him or her, not ”it” I hope that woman is jailed, maybe then everyone who takes out their hate or anger on any animal is prosecuted. She is nothing but garage!

  5. Dale Mellis says:

    The poor innocent pup should be taken from her and rehomed with someone who will love it. The evil bitch should be prosecuted to the max for her cruelty.

    • Terri Manabe says:

      This poor puppy deserves much better than a possible mentally ill person. The fact she threw her pup at another human being, the pup got injured shows she has no respect for other humans and dogs. She needs to be punished by law and put on a list to NEVER own another animal. If possible she should pay for the puppy’s vet bills and care and fined. I hope she goes to jail and gets the help she needs if she is in fact suffering mental illness.

  6. This vile mentally deranged, animal abusing bitch must be put to death by means of a slow and agonising death.

  7. Vile scum hurting a defenseless puppy.
    I hope she burns.

  8. She needs to be put down

  9. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It appears that this person in the video committing animal cruelty is using this puppy as some sort of possible vengeance. I certainly hope that Police investigate this case because this puppy is not at all safe. It is likely that this puppy was severely injured due to the fact that this puppy is still in its developing stages. Such a terrible mistreatment of animals.

  10. Hope this poor furbaby has been taken to a Vet??? Honourable, that this Man got the dog away from this dangerous woman, and he did not deserve to have this altercation either. Why is this woman walking the streets, having a vulnerable furbaby in her care; and has she got an innocent child at home??? Investigate and RESCUE please.

  11. Agree all comments no excuse for this bitch throw her sick of courts saying mental health no excuse this poor animal being abused for nothing to much bullshit these fuckers need to have it dine to them . Justice now.

  12. Make sure the puppy is taken from her, I hope she doesn’t have kids, she deserves neither pets or children!

  13. I really REALLY wish that POS scumbag bitch would get run over and left in very horrible pain. Leave her paralyzed and no one takes care of her. Put her in one of the nursing homes where they don’t give a *hit about the patients, let them do whatever they want to her, she damn sure deserves it.

  14. Sandy Menden says:

    Animal abusers should receive the death penalty!!!

  15. MAX JAIL for this vile perpetrator! ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF HUMAN SADISTS!!!  ALL these DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC SUBHUMANS abusing innocent and defenseless animals, must get an extremely HARSH PUNISHMENT!  This extremely vile scumbag bitch should NOT be ALLOWED to own animals ever again, and this poor puppy must be REHOMED!  ANIMAL VIOLENCE shall be treated as any human violence. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME!

  16. Patricia Wicker says:

    Worthless POS !! this Woman is just Evil!!~!

  17. Find this sub human bitch and lock her up! Law makers must send clear messages that animal abuse will never be tolerated. They should make sure the puppy is ok and get her to pay for any necessary treatment. Unacceptable!

  18. Ruth Attarian says:

    Give her a hysterectomy along with the jail time so she can’t breed.

  19. Elease M. Bradford says:

    This woman is disturbed and needs mental health treatment. Her behavior is unacceptable. She shouldn’t have used that poor, innocent dog as a weapon. She needs to be punished for the abuse she inflicted on that dog. I wish that fur baby a speedy recovery and I hope he gets justice.

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