Don’t Deport Unfairly Convicted Autistic Man

Target: Kevin Foster, Minister of State for Immigration, United Kingdom

Goal: Demand cancellation of cruel deportation order for man imprisoned under unreasonable law.

Osime Brown, a 21-year-old autistic man, is being threatened with deportation from his home by British authorities for a crime he has sworn he didn’t commit. Brown, who has also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and PTSD, was accused of stealing a mobile phone in 2018. Despite witnesses who reported that he didn’t take the phone and that he even pleaded with the perpetrators to stop, he was convicted under the legal principle of joint enterprise. This holds that an individual may be convicted of a crime committed by another if they foresaw the possibility that the crime might be committed.

Critics have argued for years that this law leaves disadvantaged people, particularly minorities and those with disabilities, vulnerable to abusive and wrongful convictions. Now, it could result in Brown’s deportation to his native Jamaica, a country he hasn’t seen since the age of four, a draconian punishment which would tear him away from his mother and his friends. Sign the petition below to demand that this cruel decision be overturned.


Dear Mr. Foster,

The decision to deport Osime Brown in retaliation for a crime that he appears not to have committed is a grotesque failure of justice in the United Kingdom. Brown, a Black man diagnosed with autism and a range of mental health conditions, has been subjected to extensive trauma after his questionable conviction for a minor theft committed by another.

To deport him would leave a vulnerable young man far from the home he has known for years and the family who has defended him. I demand that you respect decency and human rights, and withdraw the decision to deport Osime Brown.


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Photo credit: David Mirzoeff/Global Justice Now



  1. Wonder if you would feel the same if it was your relative or loved one this POS assaulted or committed a crime against! Bet you would want him deported ASAP. People love to use autism as an excuse for bad behavior.

    • There’s literally witnesses who say he didn’t take it.

    • A teenage kid who was accused of stealing a mobile phone? I think a relative would survive, particularly since he didn’t actually steal it, you brain-dead heap of prejudicial hog shit.

  2. That joint enterprise law is some real bull!

  3. In cases like this, you can’t just go by what a petition says. Proof of innocence needs to be shown. Not signing.

    • Mary Farquhar says:

      You may have forgotten that the principle is innocence until guilt is proven. I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of people with greater backbone, sympathy, and reading comprehension skills who’ve already spoken up on this man’s behalf will miss the signature of a single halfwit.

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