Tesla: Don’t Use Child Labor to Build Electric Cars

Target: Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla

Goal: Fight back against child labor in the cobalt industry by supporting responsible mining.

Tesla is seeking to produce over 20 million electric-powered vehicles by 2030. The number not totaled into this figure? The children who will risk their lives to mine the cobalt that makes those vehicles run. As an international figure, Tesla must lead the fight against child labor. Demand action.

Cobalt is a mineral found in the batteries of electric-powered cars. It is mined primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An estimated 35,000 of the nation’s 255,000 cobalt miners are children. If children don’t die in the mines following collapse, they often find themselves the victim of forced labor.

Numerous international brands like BMW and Volkswagen have vowed to invest in safer mines, formalized supply chains, and workers’ rights. If Tesla hopes to become the leader in electric-powered vehicles, the company must follow suit and fight back against child labor. Demand that the organization eliminates child labor from its cobalt supply chain.


Dear Mr. Musk,

Your company is seeking to lead the way in the manufacturing of electric-powered vehicles. By 2030, you hope that 20 million battery-powered cars will grace American roads. However, how many thousands of children will suffer as a result?

Cobalt is a mineral needed in the production of batteries, with over 70 percent coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 35,000 miners in that nation are children who face the daily threat of abuse, exploitation, and death.

If you’re seeking to become the leader of electric-powered vehicles, you must also become the leader in safer supply chain management and workers’ rights. Please eliminate child labor from your production process.


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Photo Credit: Maurizio Pesce



  1. What can you expect from a scumbag like elon musk? His cursed company is behind the torture of animals in the name of research even though it has been proven that experimenting, rather torturing animals is 95% inaccurate as it applies to humans when it comes to drugs and practically anything else. He also gets his resources for those horribly expensive cars and anything else via deforestation, etc. Now the icing on the cake: CHILD labor. Is there any form of exploitation that bastard has no gotten his dirty, bloody hands into? No, he is all about exploiting, raping and murdering for profit.

  2. Musk does not care about you, children or animals. I bet he would sell his soul, his mother and father for $. Monsters like him roam this earth and they are everywhere. Be careful.

  3. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”


    Money is a disease, the more you have the sicker you get.

  4. Musk is also torturing pigs by putting electrodes in their brains to control their behavior. Musk is wasting a lot of resources and money on his cruel and usless endeavors. He needs to be stopped.

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