Prevent Migratory Birds From Flying Into Skyscrapers Following Mass Death

Target: Jim Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Goal: Take citywide measures to counter mass bird death due to collision with skyscrapers.

An estimated 1,500 migratory birds died in one day after they flew into various skyscrapers throughout the city of Philadelphia. Attracted by the glass and the lights within the buildings, the birds became easily disoriented and flew towards the structures instead of safely around. Though this has been happening since the 19th century, there are now measures that can reduce this occurrence and save the birds.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. There were birds everywhere, and they were all dead,” stated Stephen Maciejewski, a volunteer with Audubon Pennsylvania. He and other volunteers retrieved approximately 400 dead or injured birds from around the city in a span of a day, but they estimate that over a thousand more than likely died in the mass collision. A combination of factors likely led to this incident, such as the cloudy weather conditions and the bright lights within the buildings. It is also peak migration season and Philadelphia lies in a migratory path.

There are precautions that the city can take to prevent these mass deaths as laid out by the Audubon Society. Sign below and demand that the mayor take action to prevent further loss.


Dear Mayor Kenney,

In one tragic day, an estimated 1,500 migratory birds flew into Philadelphia’s skyscrapers and died. Traumatized volunteers removed their bodies from the sidewalks and streets, powerless to help as even more fell from the sky.

Philadelphia is part of the Atlantic Flyway, a migratory path that countless birds travel every autumn. Therefore, it is the city’s responsibility to take precautions, follow the Audubon’s recommendations, and do everything possible to prevent another mass bird death. I demand that you listen to the experts, utilize their recommended strategies, and avoid constructing buildings with large amounts of glass.


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Photo Credit: Stephen Maciejewski


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  1. These poor birds require maximum protective strategies.

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