Trump: Denounce Far-Right Militia That Planned to Kidnap Governor

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Denounce the acts of terrorism committed by far-right groups in Michigan who plotted to kidnap the governor.

Authorities in Michigan announced terrorism, conspiracy and weapons charges against 13 men who allegedly plotted to storm the State Capitol, kidnap Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and start a civil war.

At least six of the men where specifically charged for hatching a detailed plan to kidnap Whitmer, who has become the subject of anger from militia and anti-government groups regarding the coronavirus-related lockdown and other safety measures. Reportedly, the group met for combat drills, firearm trainings, and even spied on Whitmer’s vacation home.

President Trump has yet to denounce the specific actions of these militia groups, instead tweeting that Whitmer “has done a terrible job” and that she should thank him. Many believe these groups have taken Trump’s complicit attitude and refusal to denounce white supremacy as fuel for their actions. According to Whitmer, the men “heard the president’s words not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry – as a call to action.”

Sign below to demand Trump publicly denounce far-right groups in Michigan who attempted to kidnap Governor Whitmer.


Dear President Trump,

When armed far-right groups in Michigan stormed the capital in April as a response to Governor Whitmer’s coronavirus safety measures, you tweeted “Liberate Michigan,” rather than denouncing actions that contributed to the spread of Covid-19 and therefore threatened lives.

You claim to condemn violence, yet you refuse to speak out about militia groups who carry assault rifles and threaten our country’s leaders. I demand that you publicly denounce the groups that attempted to kidnap Governor Whitmer.


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Photo Credit: Gerald R. Ford


  1. C. Patterson says:

    Check your facts before posting petitions like this! The people who were arrested for that kidnapping plot back in June are Leftist anarchists that had Antifa flags hanging in their rooms! Antifa are LEFTIST traitors, anarchist trash!! The leader is very anti-Trump, which makes him NOT a right-wing militia guy! Stop blaming Right-wing people for Left-wing people’s crimes!!!!!

    • Amen C. Patterson!! It is high time the lies end!! These people as you said are anti-Trump, and also anti government, and anti-police, our President is not at all to blame for the actions of crazy, hateful people, who have been on an anti-government mission for DECADES!!! And the constant insistence that our President denounce hateful groups when not only did he again today, but there are countless videos of him doing exactly that for at least the last 4 years, maybe longer, has got to stop!!! I’m sure you, and I will both be attacked for stating the facts, but we are attacked even when we remain silent by people who don’t even know us, so who cares at this point!!

  2. The people who post petitions on this site rarely know what they’re talking about. And hundreds of the ignorant just sign on for what? I guess they think that if it’s on here it just has to be a good cause.

  3. Kathi S Geukes says:

    You are all full of chit!! We’ve made a difference signing petitions on this site!! You all just don’t like the fact that your dictator will lose in November!!! As he should because he’s done nothing but lie to the American people for the last 4 years….and I live in MI so I know the truth!! Keep lying to yourself or better yet find an island to go to if you don’t like the way things are done here!!! Down with the Orange One!!!!

  4. There’s an Eric Clapton song which first few words I will like to dedicate to all democrats and retarded assholes who just believe anything democrats say in about the president. The song is called “Before You Accuse Me” And it goes:

    “Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself
    You say I’ve been spending my money on other women
    You’ve been taking money from someone else”

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