Dozens of Great Danes Reportedly Kept in Blood and Feces-Filled House Deserve Justice

Target: Michael R. Sherwin, Acting U.S. Attorney for Washington D.C.

Goal: Punish the man who reportedly neglected and abused dozens of dogs and rabbits in the name of profit.

Over 30 Great Danes, along with several other dogs and rabbits, reportedly suffered severe abuse and neglect for the sake of profit. Per authorities, the house where they were found smelled strongly of ammonia and feces, and blood covered the walls around the small cage which held multiple large dogs. These innocent animals deserve justice.

Officials from the Humane Rescue Alliance of Washington, D.C. seized 42 animals from the house occupied by Michael Gibson. The dogs were found sleeping on a concrete floor, according to authorities, and they had no access to food or water. Additionally, the remains of several puppies likely intended for sale were reportedly discovered in a minifridge on the property.

The animals are now in the custody of Humane Rescue Alliance at an undisclosed location. Gibson has been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals. Sign below and demand that he receives the harshest penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear Mr. Sherwin,

Dozens of animals, including multiple deceased puppies, were reportedly kept in horrific conditions by a Southeast Washington man using them for profit. Thirty-three Great Danes, along with a Doberman, a Chihuahua mix, and six rabbits, apparently lived amongst their own feces and had no access to food or water. The large dogs lived in a small cage together, per authorities, and blood and feces covered the walls of the house. Rescuers reportedly found the remains of the puppies in a minifridge.

Rescuers believe that the resident, Michael Gibson, had been keeping the animals with intent to sell. This is unacceptable and the true definition of cruelty. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest penalty possible, if this suspect is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Humane Rescue Alliance



  1. All in the name of profit – How dare you – what goes around comes around – JUSTICE for those poor animals who did not deserve this type of abuse

  2. 4 counts of animal abuse – it should be at least 30 counts if not more – how many animals were in that house – THAT IS HOW MANY CHARGES HE SHOULD BE FACING

  3. Gloria Navan says:

    Please don’t just give this guy a slap on the hand. Charge him and prosecute him. He should do time.

  4. There should be a count placed for every animal that was found on his property. Not 4 counts!

  5. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put this guy in prison for torture and abuse of animals!!!

  6. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

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