Germany: Protect Children from Exploitation and Abuse

Target: Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the Bundestag, Germany

Goal: Protect children across the globe from exploitation by banning child labor in the German supply chain.

Chocolate, clothing, and cars: some of the most popular consumer products in Germany are made with the aid of child labor. Whether it’s the cobalt mined for metal, the cocoa beans picked for sweets, or the looms moved by tiny hands, multiple industries and products can be traced back to child labor. However, some German politicians are seeking to change this.

The nation’s labor and development ministries would like to enact new regulations for companies with over 500 employees. They would seek to eliminate child labor from international supply chains. Over 7,000 companies would be affected and could face legal trouble if they or their suppliers are found to support child labor.

Other European nations have enacted similar laws with positive results. Some of the largest German companies, like BMW, have already voiced support for this legislation. Sign the petition to join them and demand an end to child labor and exploitation.


Dear President Schäuble,

Nearly every major consumer product in your nation can trace its roots to child labor. Children across the globe, in the most disadvantaged towns and cities, have been subjected to torture, abuse, and even death as big corporations turn a profit. Germany’s proposed legislation would help protect these children and hold both corporations and their suppliers responsible.

Your neighboring European nations have enacted similar regulations. Even your nation’s largest companies have shown their support. I ask that you pass this regulation, known as the Lieferkettengesetz, to protect children from exploitation and abuse.


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