Justice for Innocent Animal Allegedly Tortured by Police Officers

Target: Natasha C. Irving, District Attorney, Knox County, Maine

Goal: Prosecute officers who allegedly tortured an innocent animal(s) to the fullest extent of the law.

Two Rockland, Maine police offers were fired from their department after they allegedly tortured an innocent animal(s). Former officers Addison Cox and Mike Rolerson have since been charged with felony animal cruelty. Demand justice for the animal(s) they allegedly abused.

Public records do not indicate the specific nature of the alleged crimes; however, the Maine Warden Service reports that the men “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause[d] extreme physical pain to an animal; cause[d] the death of an animal; or physically torture[d] an animal.” Other charges indicate night hunting and illegal illumination of wild animals.

The felony charge against these two men indicates that their alleged crimes are serious. As police officers, they were supposed to protect all lives, human or animal, from harm. They neglected their duties. They should not face a slap on the wrist. Demand justice for the innocent animal(s) who faced harm.


Dear Attorney Irving,

Two former officers who took an oath to protect all lives, human and otherwise, now face felony charges after allegedly torturing an innocent animal(s). Public details regarding these events are scarce, but felony charges indicate that the reported crimes are severe.

As officers of the law, Addison Cox and Mike Rolerson were expected to be role models and guardians. Their alleged actions show they are neither. They should not walk away with a slap on the wrist. I demand that you ensure they receive the maximum punishment the law will allow.


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Photo Credit: Tony Webster



  1. JAIL them for life!

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    It’s getting more and more difficult to defend police when they do horrible
    things like this to innocent animals. Make an example of them now.

  3. Jacqui Skill says:


  4. Attorney Irving this crime MUST NOT go unpunished! We ask you please do your job paid for by citizens. We demand full charges be executed. NO PLEA DEALS. BAN THESE CORRUPT LAWLESS INDIVIDUALS FROM ALL ANIMAL CONTACT!

  5. Put them in general population in prison with guys doing live. Announce they are police officers also.

  6. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put these ass holes in prison for torturing and killing animals!! Post their pictures in public places so they can be identified and fire them from their jobs – they are not protecting animals and people.

  7. Police: Don’t take your aggressions and anger out on animals because of the scrutiny police across the country are receiving toward the handling of cases involving black people. Don’t think that being cruel, harming and torturing animals doesn’t matter and the it will slide under the radar and no one will care. If you think no one will care, you are all greatly mistaken. Cruelty is cruelty, torture is torture, and harming to the point of death, is completely unacceptable, 100% unacceptable. You don’t get to torture and kill animals just because you think you can. We the people condemn it, and want justice for the animals involved.

  8. Wouldn’t it even be slightly advisable to find out what happened before going all ape crap? This story doesn’t tell us anything and y’all are all upset. Suppose we ask that the questioner tells us what happened first?????

  9. These vile, mentally deranged scumbags must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure! A slow and agonising death must be performed. Prison is not adequate for these filth bag POS!

  10. Jaime Perez says:

    This is not ok. I’m glad they were fired! The police can’t go around hurting innocent animals just because!

  11. This is another case of the kind of scum that has filtered into our police force. The system is screwing up somewhere in detecting these individual’s psychological profile before becoming cops.


  13. These scumbags deserve to be burned and hanged! These pathetic excuses for humans disgraced their oath to protect and serve. They don’t deserve to even exist

  14. Justin Recht says:

    I agree with everyone – no pain should be spared for the abusers!
    Jail for life sound ok with me too.

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