Find Source of Toxic Water Filling Shore With Dead Sea Life

Target: Dmitry Kobylkin, Ecology Minister of Russia

Goal: Investigate and combat the ecological threat that has turned beach toxic and deadly.

Fever, headaches, body aches, sore throat, nausea, temporary blindness: these frightening symptoms reported by beach-goers in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia were not the latest indicators of a COVID-19 outbreak. Rather, the illnesses appear to be the byproduct of what scientists are calling an “ecological disaster” at Khalaktyrsky Beach. The troubling series of incidents continued when seemingly boiled dead fish washed ashore, indicating the imminent peril marine life inhabiting these waters may be facing. Since then, the octopus population has also dwindled and other marine life have turned up dead.

One surfer noted that the ocean “didn’t smell like it usually does” and “had a strange taste.” Soon after the anomalies started, people began seeing a “yellowish-greenish liquid” along the shore. While some officials have attributed the disaster to volcanoes, storms, or algae blooms, a toxic spill cannot be ruled out.

One test conducted thus far has revealed high amounts of oil products and chemicals within water samples. This report runs contrary to the statements of Russia’s Natural Resources Minister, who tried to claim little chance existed that the conditions were caused by humans. Many ecologists beg to differ, theorizing that leaking rocket fuel from a nearby military facility could be the culprit.

Sign the petition below to urge a thorough investigation that could identify this possibly still-present danger before it sickens or kills more living beings.


Dear Minister  Kobylkin,

Dead animals dot the entire coastline of Khalaktyrsky Beach. Countless visitors have fallen ill. This situation has been unfolding for weeks with little in the way of a proactive plan for addressing the health and environmental crisis. What should be clear is that a storm alone did not cause these marine deaths, as local authorities originally claimed. The presence of elevated levels of oil and chemical substances provides another warning sign that this disaster merits urgency.

Some ecologists believe a rocket fuel leak could be to blame. Please give full consideration to this theory and other leads. Launch a full investigation and find answers for this mass die-off, for the safety and welfare of this beach’s inhabitants and its faithful visitors.


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Photo Credit: Dr. Dwayne Meadows


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