Justice for Cats Allegedly Subjected to Painful Deaths

Target: Yusaini Amer bin Abdul, Deputy Public Prosecutor for General Crimes and Public Order Unit

Goal: Pursue maximum punishment against man who allegedly caused three cats under his care deadly pain and suffering.

Two separate cases of alleged animal cruelty that resulted in the deaths of five animals were brought before courts in Penang, Malaysia within a week’s time. In the first case, a woman pled guilty to causing her two dogs “unreasonable pain and suffering.” Although one of the dogs died, this admitted abuser merely received a fine. Penang’s legal system must do better.

The second case in question involves charges under the nation’s Animal Welfare Act brought against Saiful Azhar Md Rahani. Authorities accuse this man of inflicting pain and suffering on three different cats for whom he was serving as a guardian. Although no other details were made available, all three of the felines apparently died. The penalty for a conviction ranges from a fine to three years in prison.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty if this suspect is found guilty.


Dear Mr. bin Abdul,

Intentionally inflicting pain and suffering on any living being is a serious crime in any circumstance and should merit more than a mere financial penalty. Yet a fine is the only punishment Penang’s legal system levied against a woman who admitted to causing her dogs pain, suffering, and, ultimately, presumably causing their deaths. Your prosecutorial team has the opportunity to rectify this seeming miscarriage of justice by ensuring the next conviction for such a heinous offense comes with a penalty that matches the crime.

Saiful Azhar Md Rahani will soon face trial for allegedly causing pain, suffering, and death to three innocent cats. The gravity of these charges more than meets qualifications for the three-year prison sentence that could be sought under the Animal Welfare Act. Please seek this penalty.

Send a forceful message condemning animal cruelty by helping ensure that, if found guilty, this suspect does not escape true justice.


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Photo Credit: Silvian1313

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  1. Esto es francamente inadmisible!!!! Penas de cárcel efectiva para los torturadores!!! Que enfermen de coronavirus y no tengan un ventilador!!! Malditas lacras de la humanidad!!

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put this creep in jail!!!

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put this creep in prison!!!

  4. Animal abusers internationally must have the mandatory death penalty implemented. Prison or a fine is not appropriate.



    I am Asian-American. I’m not vegetarian, nor vegan…yet. I don’t eat pork, beef, lamb nor goat…and of COURSE, NO DOGS or CATS! I wish I knew more about Malaysia. There is so much GOOD about the people and the country. But as an Animal Advocate, it HURTS me how so many Asian countries eat what [we Americans] consider pets. In THIS CASE however, THIS MONSTER killed these CUTE, PRECIOUS, LOVED kitties because of the PSYCHOPATH within himself. I concur with michelle taylor!

  7. sylvia vegas says:

    Unfortunately the people from what they call, Third World countries, are used to living like in the Stone Age, the majority do not know how to distinguish good from evil, do not respect the laws and for them animals are objects … do you think they are going to change?

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