Protect Prized, Rare Flowering Plant From Allegedly Intentional Eradication

Target: Kacey KC, State Forester/Firewarden of Nevada Division of Forestry

Goal: Protect Tiehm’s buckwheat from population loss and extinction due to destructive mining interests.

The Tiehm’s buckwheat is one of the world’s rarest flowering plants, with just about 42,000 plants believed to cover a mere 10 acres. Nevada, the home of this hidden gem, should be doing all in its power to protect a natural treasure like no other on the planet. Instead, the state enables the eradication of this vulnerable species.

A recent survey by conservationists yielded a stunning result: roughly 17,000 plants (about 40 percent of their total population) had been wiped out along Nevada’s Silver Peak Range. The state Center for Biological Diversity director said of the disturbing finding: “we did a field survey of damage, and it was like doing an autopsy on my best friend.” Unfortunately, a proposed lithium and boron mine that would be built across the entirety of the native flower’s habitat could seal the fate of the Tiehm’s buckwheat for good. Some conservationists even accuse the mining company behind the project, Ioneer, of deliberately sabotaging the already-decimated flowers to remove them as an obstacle to the mine’s progression.

Sign the petition below to join in conservationists’ calls for protections for this one-of-a-kind natural wonder.


Dear Ms. KC,

Nevada boasts a native natural fixture found nowhere else in the world. The Tiehm’s buckwheat of the Silver Peak Range has this rare distinction. Why is the state letting this bragging right be targeted, and perhaps even deliberately driven to extinction?

The eradication of 40 percent of this flowering plant’s population in an alarmingly short period of time should be cause for immediate concern and investigation. The danger to the buckwheat coincides with the proposal of a Ioneer lithium and boron mine. This project cannot come at the expense of a rare find; if Ioneer had any part in the recent destruction of this plant, they should be held fully accountable.

Heed conservationists’ calls for vital protective measures such as a security guard and fencing for the habitat and, most importantly, a commitment to the restoration of a one-of-a-kind plant.

Please help save this hidden gem from extinction.


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Photo Credit: Patrick Donnelly


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