Demand A Wealth Tax to Stop Tax Dodgers Like Trump

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Goal: Establish a wealth tax so that no wealthy people in the United States can get away with paying no taxes.

There is a huge problem in the United States with rich people not paying their fair share in taxes. Recent leaks of President Donald Trump’s taxes suggest that many of the last fifteen years he hasn’t paid at all, and one year in particular he reportedly owed only $750 in federal taxes, primarily because of tax loopholes and paying his daughter absurd “consulting fees.”

The rich of the United States have gone far too long without paying their fair share in taxes. The rich of the United States have gone far too long without paying their fair share in taxes. The country’s deficits as well as the inability to pay for desperately needed social programs could be fixed with a wealth tax that would force people making over a certain amount of money to pay a percentage of their income.

Sign our petition and demand a wealth tax in the United States so the richest Americans will finally pay their fair share.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

The United States is in desperate need of a wealth tax, so that rich Americans like Donald Trump can’t get away without paying their fair share. For far too long, wealthy Republicans especially have complained about the deficit, while also using tax loopholes to get away without paying. This needs to stop.

We have a crisis of mismanagement in this country that has led to a ballooning deficit being used as an excuse to not fund important social programs that Americans desperately need. Pass a wealth tax now so that nobody who benefits so much from our system of government can get away without paying into our country.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Dear Force Change:

    Do yourselves a favor and become part of

  2. So tired of liberals hate for Trump! It’s none stop bullying. Trump received many favors from NYC leaders when he was a real estate mogul but now that he is President they are coming after him for everything.
    Why not request Hillary’s tax returns! How about Obama’s tax return and his birth certificate! Obama has become a billionaire after leaving office yet he has done nothing to help black communities. Just like the NFL kneelers making millions and not doing anything for black communities.

  3. Gillian Miller says:

    Joe And Jill Biden Raked In $13.3M Just In One Year – But They Used Tax Loopholes To Claim Only $750K In Income

    Ask Hilliar Clinton to hand over the bribes and money laundered through her fake charity. Pelosi is trying to have the land tax laws in her state so that she and her friends pay less. She refused to let a stimulus package go through until she got a pay rise. Barry (Obama) had no money when he became president and he now owns 3 houses worth millions. S

    Why attack just Trump other than the mental health issues that Biden supporters suffer with?

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