Justice for Puppy Allegedly Purposefully Smacked in Face by Owner

Target: George S. Cardona, Interim City Attorney, Santa Monica, CA

Goal: Charge pet owner with animal cruelty for allegedly smacking his puppy in the face.

A video appears to show a prominent Santa Monica CEO smacking his pet dog in the face after yanking him off the floor by his leash. Such cruelty should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Jeffrey Previte, CEO of EBI Consulting, was allegedly caught on video abusing his four-month-old puppy in a Santa Monica apartment building. Surveillance seems to show Previte yanking his dog off the floor by his leash and then purposefully smacking the animal in the face. The apartment building’s concierge could hear the animal’s cries of pain from the lobby.

Police are investigating Previte for alleged animal cruelty. However, both Previte and his dog have since disappeared from Santa Monica. Demand that Previte be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and demand that the innocent animal be removed from his care immediately.


Dear Attorney Cardona,

Prominent EBI Consulting CEO Jeffrey Previte was apparently caught on surveillance video abusing his four-month-old puppy. If an investigation substantiates this video evidence, Previte must be charged to the fullest extent of the law and his pet dog must be removed from his care.

Regardless of their status, wealth, or power, no individual should be permitted to house an animal if they show such blatant disregard for that animal’s well being. Please seek justice for Previte’s poor, abused pet.


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Photo Credit: Jessicali345

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    This person loses his right to ever have an animal. He should be taught so he
    never forgets to treat humans and animals with kindness and respect.

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Jeffrey Previte’s abuse of his puppy is unacceptable. His puppy needs to be taken away from him because he doesn’t know how to show compassion to his pet. There’s is nothing that puppy could have done to deserve such treatment. Previte needs to be found and the puppy taken from him before more harm is down. He also needs to be punished. I hope the fur baby is rescued, recovers and gets justice.

  3. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure on this scumbag dog abuser, ensuring that this faggot endures a slow and agonising death!!!! OH YESSS!!!!!!I have been advised that this vile, mentally deranged cretin has a reputation re extensive animal abuse.

  4. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    I wish he faces a miserable death when his time comes!

  5. Milantia Roy says:

    We are living Apocalypse times … the concierge was just as guilty as Jeffrey Previte because he could have called the police or an Animal Shelter right away – phone: (800) 540-SPCA(7722).

  6. Gabriela Torres says:

    Unsuccessful, unhappy,ill-born, unfortunate monster – he should have been reported him immediately to the police – who knows if he continues torturing the poor little dog, should he still be alive, to get revenge

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