Walmart: Don’t Become Super-Spreader of COVID-19

Target: Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart

Goal: Enforce mandatory mask policy to safeguard lives of employees and customers.

One of America’s top retailers is seemingly not doing all it can to protect customers. Walmart joined with many other retailers in implementing a supposedly mandatory mask policy aimed to protect consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet in stores across the country this rule is routinely flouted and outright ignored by many shoppers, with apparently no response from the retail giant. In some cases, everyday employees have been put at risk as they are forced to deal with irate, non-compliant customers in the supposed absence of support from store management.

Mask-wearing, which should be a public health issue, has like many other facets of society become politicized. Individuals who would proudly stand up for a business’ right to deny service to customers because of personal beliefs take issue with companies enacting guidance from health professionals that is meant to protect the public. Nearly all businesses have some basic rules and guidelines, such as wearing shoes and clothing in the premises or prohibiting pets. While customers follow these guidelines with no issue and without complaint about their violated rights, many of those very same people bristle or even become enraged at wearing a garment that helps save the lives of other human beings.

A rule or law in the absence of enforcement really does not exist at all. Sign the petition below to demand Walmart step up for the safety of its employees and customers.


Dear Mr. McMillon,

An estimated 90 percent of Americans live within ten miles of a Walmart. Your stores serve nearly everyone in this country, and with this influence comes tremendous responsibility…responsibility for the safety of consumers and for setting the best, healthiest example for Walmart employees and all retail workers.  In regard to Walmart’s COVID-19 response–and specifically its mask policy–you have seemingly unfortunately failed.

Visit any store and you will likely hear similar stories of customers openly disregarding mask-wearing guidelines, even in violation of local or state policy. In nearly all of these cases, employees are reportedly ultimately told to “let it go.” Would you encourage the same hands-off approach if an individual came into a store nude or came out of the store with armloads of stolen merchandise? Rules must be enforced…not by cashiers or greeters but by trained security personnel.

Your apparent failure to enforce this policy sets a bad template and, worst of all, willfully endangers the health and the lives of consumers and employees. In no circumstances should a family ever have to say that a trip to Walmart cost a loved one’s life.

Make enforcement a priority.  Please support the efforts of public health professionals, help your employees, and protect lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ben Chapple


  1. I live within 45 minutes of to Walmart with another Walmart an hour away so that’s three Walmarts. And in the Walmarts that I have been to you have to wear a mask and of course there are one-way Isles which may or may not be in this state. But you have to wear a mask in the Walmart I have been in so maybe this is just a different one.

  2. My Walmart also requires masks. It’s probably a State thing. But come on people! What’s so hard about putting a mask on when shopping to protect everyone?! You probably have family, just as I do. Is it so much to sacrifice for the good of all?!!!

  3. Jose Espino says:

    Some Walmart like many other businesses will rather loose lives than money. I was not aware of how much ignorance there is in America until the Covid-19 pandemic. The refusal to wear a simple mask has been the number one spreader of the virus and with the schools and businesses reopening it may well be the reason for another shut down in many states due to idiots not wearing a mask. I think freedom of expression was not meant for idiots.

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