Don’t Deport Dogs Allegedly Starved and Forced to Live in Own Waste for Days

Target: Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Goal: Support amnesty for allegedly neglected dogs set to be deported and deprived of safe, caring homes.

For three harrowing days, 18 dogs reportedly suffered inside a Chicago airport warehouse, with one fatality resulting from this alleged neglect. Upon their rescue, the French bulldogs had reportedly gone for the duration of their time in the warehouse without any food or water. Urine, feces, and fleas apparently covered the cages in which these poor animals were crammed. One of the rescuers said of the seemingly deplorable conditions, “we couldn’t get the smell off us for days.”  At least one dog tested positive for a serious illness, and the others likely would have contracted this virus as well if they had not been liberated. Now, just as these traumatized animals are recovering, their lives will once again be in upheaval and potential danger courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The dogs arrived at the airport on a flight from Jordan that lasted several hours. Both the shipping company, Alliance Ground International, and the airline that transported the dogs, Royal Jordanian Airlines, have been accused of animal cruelty. Yet the very same airline that allegedly almost contributed to these dogs’ deaths will once again be responsible for their “care.” The CDC has given its full support to an effort to deport the survivors and send them back to Jordan, merely because their vaccination paperwork was not in order and because of the positive viral test result.

The group currently caring for the bulldogs wants to keep this miscarriage of justice from happening by seeking amnesty for the animals so they may eventually find loving homes in America. Sign the petition below to urge the CDC to reverse its heartless dictate and to take a more empathetic, life-saving approach.


Dear Dr. Redfield.

The CDC is supposed to help save lives, not endanger them. Why, then, has this organization put its support behind an effort to place living beings back in the hands of a company accused of neglecting them and nearly ending their lives? The French bulldogs left in allegedly horrid conditions with no food or water at a Chicago O’Hare International Airport warehouse seemingly had their health and well-being put at risk through no fault of themselves. They should not be punished because of paperwork or because one of them contracted a disease from which he has now recovered.

The group that helped save these animals from a bleak fate, French Bulldog Rescue, has made the following plea: “we’re asking for amnesty for the dogs. They’ve been isolated and they’re healthy.” These animals deserve an opportunity to be socialized and to find caring foster homes, as the rescue group has promised. They do not deserve to be treated like disposable trash and returned to the custody of their reported abusers with the CDC’s blessing and stamp of approval.

Please do not inflict such inhumanity onto these innocent dogs. Do not deport them. Help give them a chance at a new, better life.


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Photo Credit: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Thus is outrageous…these dogs have in future if they have to be returned to
    people who cared nothing for them.

  2. Do not deport these poor defenceless dogs. The scumbags who are employed by the shipping company and the airline that transported them must be disbanded immediately and prison sentence implemented. Animal abuse is not acceptable.

  3. Gabriela Torres says:


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