Stop Problem Police Officers From Endangering Lives and Destroying Law Enforcement Legacy

Target: Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia

Goal: Enact law enforcement reforms that could reduce police brutality and save lives.

While debate may vary widely about the scope and degree of the problem, most Americans can likely agree that the nation’s police departments have some “bad apples” within their ranks. A consensus could also be reached that these “bad apples” have no place in law enforcement. Consider, for example, the case of a state trooper who  smiles and tells his video audience to “watch the show, folks” as he seemingly grabs a man by the neck and drags him from a car…or another trooper who apparently yells “you’re going to get your ass whooped!” as he advances on a suspect whose great crime was driving on a suspended license. Both of these reported incidents took place in Virginia, and both strike at the heart of dangerous loopholes in accountability that state lawmakers are trying to close.

As it stands now, no national process for decertifying potentially reckless police officers exists. At least five states have no formal process at all. Virginia, like several other states, only begins the process of stripping police officers of their credentials if the officer has been convicted of a crime. Proposed amendments to this process are currently making their way through the legislature. These amendments would expand the acts that could put a police officer in danger of decertification to include multiple complaints of excessive force and/or lying about the circumstances of an arrest.  The decertification process is crucial because without it officers with a troubling history of reprimands can simply move from one department to another without repercussion. This oversight is particularly egregious since no national database exists that alerts localities to officers with previous bad, revocation-worthy histories.

Individuals who abuse their positions of authority should no longer be allowed to taint the reputation of the countless hard-working, honest police officers who protect this nation’s communities. Sign the petition below to help ensure the removal of these bad apples from the ranks of law enforcement.


Dear Governor Northam,

Police decertification reform has garnered widespread bipartisan support across multiple states. Virginia can and should join this important movement. An officer with multiple allegations of misconduct to his or her name should not be allowed to use police departments as a merry-go-round simply because he or she never committed a crime. If such loopholes were closed sooner, this nation may have very well prevented some of the greatest tragedies and controversies in law enforcement. Lives may have been saved and communities could have been spared the deep divisions they currently suffer.

Please sign the comprehensive police reform package that includes this crucial component into law. Further, please lend your voice to the calls for a national database that tracks decertified officers. Such an effort can help salvage the good name of the majority of honorable police officers who do not deserve this stain on their reputations.

Most importantly, cutting out the cancer from law enforcement will save lives.


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Photo Credit: Dave Conner

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    This damn stupid woman again with no knowledge of anything but plenty of mouth. If Tiffany is so keen to change the police then she should join and learn what it is actually like to be spat at, shot at, insulted and assaulted as well as fearing for her family’s safety just because of her job.

  2. An apple can go bad when in a bacterial environment. “Cop’s lives matter”

  3. Bless the police!!

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