Solve Mystery of Migratory Bird Mass Die-Off

Target: Aurelia Skipwith, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Investigate sudden deaths of thousands of migratory birds in the Southwest.

Birds are dropping dead from the sky by the thousands in the American Southwest. The deadly trend was first noticed in New Mexico but has since spread to Colorado, Arizona, and Nebraska. The impacted birds are mostly migratory and include flycatchers, swallows, sparrows, and warblers. Reports indicate that the birds could be seen acting sluggish, confused, and in other strange ways before they died.

Scientists do not currently know why this mass die-off is happening. Some believe the current wildfires raging in the West have disrupted the birds’ migratory routes and forced them into unfamiliar areas where they lacked food and sustenance. An abundance of the deceased birds were said to be feather and bones upon investigation. Others theorize that erratic temperature patterns brought about by climate change have adversely impacted the birds and the insects many rely on for survival. Whatever the cause, it will very likely be traced back to human behavior, so human beings need to take responsibility for this latest hardship visited upon innocent wildlife.

Sign the petition below to ensure that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service exercise due diligence in its efforts to find answers to this natural mystery with life-and-death stakes.


Dear Ms. Skipwith,

This agency is said to be working with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and other regional agencies in identifying the cause of a massive die-off of migratory birds in the Southwest. In just one month, thousands of birds have been lost, with some estimates placing the casualties in the hundreds of thousands. Many of the affected species are already on the brink of endangerment, and if this mystery remains unsolved their situation will become even more perilous.

Find the root causes and develop proactive solutions. Please do everything in your power to preserve these beautiful creatures of the sky from crashing back down to Earth.


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Photo Credit: Steve Maslowski

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    Robin Williams said ‘man, if he can’t fuck it, he kills it.’

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