Twitter: Stop Deleting Evidence of Human Rights Atrocities

Target: Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter

Goal: Stop deleting evidence of human rights atrocities posted online.

Human Rights Watch is reporting that social media platforms are deleting evidence of severe human rights atrocities carried out by authoritarian regimes. AI algorithms are being used to censor content deemed offensive, violent, or illegal. However, while this protects obscene footage of animal abuse or child abuse from reaching the eyes of millions of viewers, it also prevents citizens from posting evidence of government abuse against them.

In Syria, this is extremely detrimental to the justice system. Social media videos have been used to showcase war crimes It was social media that first alerted the international community to the use of chemical weapons against Syrian citizens. However, if sites delete these videos, they delete needed evidence to prosecute war criminals and regimes. It makes it easy for authoritarian rulers to say such crimes never happened.

Social media sites have a duty to report on war crimes and save any videos and posts as evidence. Demand that Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites in the world, stop deleting evidence of human rights atrocities.


Dear Mr. Dorsey,

Human Rights Watch has said that your social media site, among others, is deleting evidence of war crimes and other human rights atrocities. The AI is deleting offensive and illegal material without taking into account which materials can be used as evidence in some of the world’s worst crimes.

Imagine what would have happened had the world not seen evidence of chemical weapon attacks in Syria? Your platform has a duty to preserve this evidence and raise awareness of human rights atrocities so that victims can have justice. Do not delete evidence of war crimes and other human rights abuses from your platform. Keep them for prosecutors, activists, and government bodies.


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Photo Credit: LoboStudioHamburg

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