Support Barbados’ Independence From Britain

Target: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Support Barbados’ movement to become a fully independent republic.

The country of Barbados gained its “independence” from the United Kingdom in 1966, but as like Commonwealth countries, still has the Queen of England as its official head of state. There is now a movement in the country to move past this, and have their own Barbadian leader.

There is nothing that can truly be done to make up for hundreds of years of imperialism and genocide, but it is absolutely necessary for the British government to fully support this former colony in their movement to become a republic. Sign our petition and demand that Prime Minister Boris Johnson formally supports the Barbadian people and helps them become truly independent of the United Kingdom and its monarchy.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

The ugly and bloody history of Britain and its hundreds of years of imperialism and genocide can never be fully atoned for, but it is absolutely necessary for the United Kingdom to support its former colonies in their movements of independence. Barbados has been “independent” for more than 50 years, but now is the time to allow their government to become a republic, completely independent of the monarchy.

The only way to show that Britain has truly moved past their ugly past is to support Barbados and other nations in their bids for independence. The era of imperialism and colonialism needs to have fully come to an end, and that means independence for all remaining former colonies that want it. Start by endorsing Barbados’ movement to become a republic.


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Photo Credit: UNCTAD

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