Trump: Do Not Deny Climate Change in Wake of Devastating Wildfires

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Acknowledge the impact of climate change on the extreme weather in the United States.

The west coast of the United States is on fire. The southern states are bracing for hurricanes expected to dump record-breaking amounts of rain on towns and cities who still have no power as a result of previous storms. In the midst of these extreme weather conditions, President Trump refuses to acknowledge climate change as a reality or an issue to be addressed in the mitigation of deadly weather patterns.

At a recent meeting in California to address the unprecedented wildfires ravaging the state, Trump questioned climate change and said without any evidence that the climate is about to cool down. Many forests in California are managed on the federal level, not the state level. California National Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot responded to these claims with the warning that “If we ignore that science, and sort of put our head in the sand, and think it’s all about vegetation management, we’re not going to succeed together in protecting Californians.” Trump went on to claim that the climate would “start getting cooler” to which Crowfoot replied, “I wish science agreed with you.” Trump responded, “I don’t think science knows.”

The fires have killed at least 35 people and are destroying the air quality on the West Coast as over 3 million acres have burned. Science points to climate change as a cause of these disastrous fires. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to acknowledge the impact of climate change on the extreme weather in the United States.


Dear President Trump,

Climate change is a preventable issue, but your refusal to acknowledge the existence of it or its effects on the country’s climate makes it impossible for the issue to be addressed. The fires in California right now are a prime example of how climate change amps up normal weather patterns and turns them into unmanageable and deadly forces of nature. I urge you to acknowledge climate change and use science to back your policies and approaches to extreme weather in the United States.


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Photo Credit: Drew Angerer



  1. Elizabeth Sargeant Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Waste of time sending any petition to Mr Trump. He doesn’t care about the climate, the environment, animal welfare, children, the people of the USA, need I go on….??

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    trump the chump about to be dumped, how did you get to be such a soulless heartless brain dead asshole?

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