Trump: Fight Climate Change, the Greatest Challenge of Our Lifetime

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Make climate change a priority issue in the wake of deadly West Coast wildfires.

Eighty-plus wildfires and counting, countless homes and businesses destroyed, dozens dead, millions more breathing in toxic air: these realities represent the toll of the fires ravaging Washington, Oregon, California, and nine other Western states. For the wildlife populating the millions of burning acres—animals who cannot “evacuate” this living hell—the carnage may prove insurmountable. If these diverse species do not succumb to the rapidly multiplying flames, they will face long-term damage to their habitats. The wildfires have routinely blanketed West Coast skies in ominous, orange-tinted smoke. Much of the toxic runoff will pollute waterways, further endangering all the living beings who rely on these life-sustaining resources.

This unprecedented environmental cataclysm is the fiery face of climate change in the United States. It did not have to be this way, but years of negligence, willful ignorance, and outright sabotage by U.S. leadership have helped create and feed this monster. Since 2017, the Trump administration has made a mission out of decimating as many environmental safeguards as possible. The count currently tops 100, with coal plant wastewater pollution rollbacks representing the most recent destructive move in an anti-environmental agenda that researchers link to countless deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic alone. Special interest “yes-men” have been installed in every scientific agency, the latest being the controversial placement of climate change denier and fossil fuel lobbyist David Lee Gates into a prime climatologist position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Make no mistake: the impacts of climate change will eventually hammer every state. The hurricane season is so busy that weather services are about to run out of names for the onslaught of storms. A recent report from the Trump administration’s own Commodity Futures Trading Commission forecasted that climate change would soon wreak “unsustainable” havoc on national and world financial markets.

Sign the petition below to demand America’s leaders steer this country in a safer direction and take the threat of climate change seriously before the entire United States reaches the point of no return.


Dear President Trump,

“A great environmentalist:” you anointed yourself with this title even as nearly a hundred wildfires continue to claim lives and livelihoods across the West. Over one hundred environmental rollbacks of everything from toxic methane to health-hazardous waste-water regulations indicate where your true priorities rest. They are not with the environment or the people and wildlife who have to suffer through the destruction you have compounded.

Frequent flashing-red warnings from your scientists have not changed the climate change-suppressing narrative enacted in your name by the Environmental Protection Agency and other crucial government departments. Even a dire prediction from your own people about the decimation awaiting financial markets if climate change is not fully confronted failed to move the needle.

You’re a visual guy, so perhaps seeing just a fraction of the charred communities firsthand during your upcoming visit to California will move you. Please take this opportunity not to rail against political foes or spread misinformation about “forest management” but to actually feel the very real pain of these people. Most importantly, acknowledge and act at last on an issue that a plurality of Americans lists in their top three concerns. Get on the right side of history and fight climate change before this country falls to an enemy of its own making.


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Photo Credit: Rob Schumacher


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  1. Linda Cummings says:

    trump the chump about nto be dumped, I know you won’t lift a tiny finger to save the planet, because you don’t see how that enriches you, because you are the most sick, self absorbed soulless, heartless dead dead moron in the history of the universe

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