Congresswoman Omar: Apologize for Blatant Ableism

Target: Ilhan Omar, Congresswoman from Minnesota

Goal: Demand congresswoman apologize for ableist remarks directed at Trump.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota recently tweeted to President Trump “you couldn’t help yourself off stairs, let alone any state” in response to Trump’s criticism of the Obama/Biden administration. This is a disappointing show of ableism from the Congresswoman, who considers herself progressive and is widely seen as one of the more progressive members of Congress.

There are a million different reasons to criticize Donald Trump, and none of them have anything to do with physicality or his ability to perform physical tasks. Ableism harms all disabled people by normalizing the insulting of physical disability. Representative Omar should know better.  Sign our petition and demand that she apologizes for her comments.


Dear Congresswoman Omar,

Donald Trump is a despicable man and a terrible president, but that has nothing to do with his physical capability. Using ableism to insult President Trump does far more harm to the disabled community than it ever will to him, and you should know better.

You are widely thought of as one of the most progressive voices in Congress, and we expect much better from you. Progressives are supposed to be intersectional, and ableism is anything but. Delete the inflammatory tweet and apologize to the disabled community for your dehumanizing insults.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    “There are a million different reasons to criticize Donald Trump…”
    “Donald Trump is a despicable man and a terrible president…”

    ***TRUMP 2020***

    • These leftists come from dysfunctional families and have Daddy Issues, hence their hatred of an alpha male like the President. They’ll be rioting on Nov 4 when they find out Donald Trump is going to be their Daddy for 4 more years.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      Another disgraceful Trump troll. Go hide in the White House bunker with POTUS…The Piece Of Total Useless Shit


  2. It’s true that Trump is an arrogant, racist, pro-corporate elitist but that doesn’t excuse the Congresswoman’s remarks. Americans in general are already put off by the ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic party known as “the squad” and things like this don’t help.

    • For years, the left excoriated Trump and perpetuated the falsehood that he mocked a disabled man, knowing full well that Trump habitually displays those facial expressions hand motions whenever he catches the media in a lie. But it’s OK when Omar or the Squad mocks him, a 73 yr-old man who’s in enviably fine fettle for a man his age.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      What she said was the truth. If the shoe fits

  3. Omar is a traitorous ingrate. We gave her dubious family sanctuary and this is her thanks. As for Force Change’s snide remark regarding the President, it’s childish and uninformed. Trump has done well by the people; he loves this country; and that’s all that matters in a president.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      Done well by the people?!!! Lets recall alil…he signed a 1.6 billion dollar tax break/handout to the wealthy and corporations…which they used to buy back stocks in their own company which makes the company worth more. Their was no trickledown effect to middle class employees to up their wages. Then let’s talk about the millions of tax payer dollars he stole from military families to pay for his useless border wall…that $$$ was for military families for housing, bills and children expenses. How bout the $500 billion he demanded and gave in the first Covid stimulus package for the big oil and gas and chemical companies to bail them out…but yet the middle class people who build this country get a $1200 check and told to fend for ourselves because Trump down played the Covid virus which in turn shut the economy and got millions sick and 197,000 and counting losing their lives. Oh and lets no forget the 900 million Of tax payer dollars used for Trump to travel to Marilago to play golf and wine and dine his big dollar donors, Republican enabling politicians. I COULD KEEP GOING…but u Trumptards are to ignorant and tone deaf to realize

  4. The “Squad” members are pathetic and disgusting! And equally pathetic and disgusting is what Force Change has remarked about the President. We had to stomach Bathhouse Barry and all his lies for 8 years, so you Trump haters better just learn to suck it up like we had to do!

  5. Stupid democraps are a waste of time to try to talk intelligence with- I guess they hate this country bad enough for it to be destroyed. If GOD FORBID biden’s cheating backers cheat enough and he wins GOD forbid- as in the POS MF george soros that I wish would f-ing die- they will be crying their eyes out wanting America back- but that will never happen, they will have gotten their way- it’s gone for good. This would be a third world country. Stupid fools, talk to people from Cuba or Venzuela and let them tell that is THE worst thing that could happen. But why am I wasting my time. GO TRUMP SAVE AMERICA! We’re not backstabbers who want our country only a painful beautiful memory.

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