Secure Port in Response to Huge Fire That Destroyed Supplies for Humanitarian Aid

Target: Michel Aoun, President of Lebanon

Goal: Investigate fire and secure the safety of Beirut’s port.

Residents of Beirut were in a panic when a huge fire recently broke out in the city’s port. They are still reeling from a catastrophic explosion at the same location just last month. That explosion was started by a fire.

While the recent fire did not result in any explosion and no injuries were reported, the cause of the blaze is unclear. Many people in the port sought safety by throwing open windows and taking shelter in windowless places in preparation of a potential explosion and shattering glass. The blaze was contained by army helicopters spraying water and firefighters on the ground. Smoke and toxic flames were the worst side effects of the fire.

The Lebanese army believes that the fire was fed by flammable materials like containers of tires, oil, and other materials coming through the port’s duty free zone. The International Red Cross released a statement that claimed that the warehouse that was affected by the fire contained stores of food supplies and oil that aid in humanitarian operations.

Bassem al-Qaisi, Port director in Beirut, said that the warehouse contained cooking oil and tires that led to the large blaze. He stated that it was too early to tell if the fire was “the result of heat or some other mistake.”

Sign this petition to urge Lebanese government officials to investigate the fire and secure the port of Beirut against further damage.


Dear President Aoun,

The port is the center of Beirut’s economy but it also presents a safety risk to workers and citizens when it is not properly managed. Just last month, the city of Beirut reeled when there was an explosion in the port that destroyed property and caused injuries. The recent fire in the port caused by oil, tires, and other flammable materials could have been equally catastrophic if it was not quickly contained. The fact that the source and cause of the fire is unknown cannot be overlooked.

I urge you to prioritize the safety of citizens and port workers by investigating the recent fire, securing the port, and encouraging charges against anyone suspected of foul play.


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