Stray Dog Painted Like a Tiger Deserves Justice

Target: Abdul Hamid Bador, Inspector-General of Police, Malaysia

Goal: Arrest individual(s) who painted dog to look like a tiger and charge them with animal cruelty.

A photograph of a dog in Malaysia painted to resemble a tiger has sparked outrage from animal rights activists around the world. The poor dog was painted orange from head to toe and marked with black stripes. The individual(s) responsible for this cruelty have not been identified or caught.

The image that brought international attention to this issue shows a large dog, its tongue out, its head bowed, as it slowly makes its way down the sidewalk. Viewers noted the dog’s visible discomfort, while other activists worried about the health effects such a large amount of paint could cause. Paint can irritate a dog’s skin and impact its mucous membranes. It can cause illness if ingested, as well as considerable stress. Disguising an animal as another can also put it in physical danger from predators or, in this case, alarmed citizens.

Demand that the individual(s) responsible for this cruelty be found and charged with abuse. No innocent creature should have to endure such physical and mental harm.


Dear Inspector-General Bador,

Recent photos of a poor dog painted to look like a tiger have sparked international outrage. This paint job would not have only caused mental distress to the animal, but also physical harm. Paint is known to cause illness and irritation in dogs. In addition, the dog could have easily been killed by alarmed civilians who thought a tiger was in their neighborhood

The individual(s) responsible for this crime should be caught, identified, and charged immediately. No poor animal should ever have to endure such physical and mental abuse.


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Photo Credit: Animal Malaysia



  1. Brenda Burke says:

    This Malasia.The fine you suggest is more than ten people earn in a lifetime in that country. I just hope for what is possible. They catch and punish them somehow and I really hope that someone rescued the dog and cleaned him up before to much harm was done.

  2. sick and dangerous people. Disgusting.

    • Martha Mcclain says:

      Yes they are disgusting to all of us NORMAL people. What did they think they would get out of doing such a dumb thing?? Just plain ol stupidity to me.

  3. Aprille Gilmore says:

    Imagine doing that to an animal so completely innocent and trusting and so desperately in need of care and a home. I am sickened by how despicable people are, especially to dogs, who are so wonderful.

  4. Given the casual disregard for life shown by Asian cultures I expect absolutely nothing to happen in this case.

    It should, but it won’t.

  5. So there are ignorant jerks in other countries too – once found I would like to see them painted to look as ignorant as they are. I hope the dog is OK and has found a home – I would love to have him.

  6. What a despicable thing to do! Too many animals worldwide are subjected to terrible acts, just senseless! It needs to stop. What is wrong with some people? They should be punished immediately.

  7. Hey Brenda Burke, about the fine you’re complaining about that these people shouldn’t get “it’s more than what 10 people earn in a lifetime in that country” must’ve been another comment you were referring to. However, People need to STOP harming and abusing animals! This needs to stop, and if causes them to be broke So Be It! Harsh punishment is what countries lack when it comes to animal abuse,they have likely harmed this dog to get this paint on him, and medically he’s harmed it’s spray paint! Stop making excuses for animal abusers, and making it easier !

  8. The abuser need to be found and painted like a ‘target’…and forced to roam around town…hopefully someone will shoot him… IMO

  9. Third world countries are callous hearted towards Animals -and laws arenigborantly weak !! This abuse must not be cast aside like all the other animal abuses in Malasia. A precedent must be set. Fund and arrest thenperson to the fullest degree so people there realize animal abuse is not acceptable. .


  11. Makes you ashamed to be human doesn’t it??? No cure for this level of depravity, stupidity, arrogance and total lack of any kind of regard for life-

  12. Elease M. Bradford says:

    The idiots that did this to this poor animal need to be caught and punished. That paint could have irritated the dog’s skin. The fumes from the paint could have irritated the dog’s mucus membranes and cause harm to his lungs. Also, this dog could be targeted by poachers if they believe he’s really a tiger. These jerks put this innocent dog at risk and they need to be punished. I hope this fur baby recovers, gets adopted by a loving family and gets justice.

  13. You can paint a dog with vegetable dyes. It’s safe. I see it all the time although I don’t imagine that’s what they used.

  14. i really hate humans that are evil and heartless. Boil them in hot tar. That what they deserve. Poor dog

  15. Julia Edinger says:

    Praying!! they didn’t use harmful paint!!! if they did,,,that is a “CRIME” …..

  16. It would be nice to get an update on the dog’s whereabouts with the hope that some kind person took him off the street and to a vet to be cleaned up, treated and monitored. These images haunt us and there’s nothing we can do so far from Malaysia except sign petitions. The poor dog was already suffering as a stray. There is the law of Karma that won’t help this poor dog now but will definitely catch up with these sick bastards.

  17. This is so ignorant behavior by these STUPIDITY people who did to this poor dog in Malaysia. It’s SHOULD NOT tolerate of this kind abusive towards to innocent animals. And MUST be make them acknowledged of their such heartles and ignorant behavior!!!! I pray for their own KARM get them soon as they deserve.
    I hate all animal abusers!!! They are EVIL.

  18. IGNORANT BASTARD!!!💩💩💩💩💀

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