Stray Dog Painted Like a Tiger Deserves Justice

Target: Abdul Hamid Bador, Inspector-General of Police, Malaysia

Goal: Arrest individual(s) who painted dog to look like a tiger and charge them with animal cruelty.

A photograph of a dog in Malaysia painted to resemble a tiger has sparked outrage from animal rights activists around the world. The poor dog was painted orange from head to toe and marked with black stripes. The individual(s) responsible for this cruelty have not been identified or caught.

The image that brought international attention to this issue shows a large dog, its tongue out, its head bowed, as it slowly makes its way down the sidewalk. Viewers noted the dog’s visible discomfort, while other activists worried about the health effects such a large amount of paint could cause. Paint can irritate a dog’s skin and impact its mucous membranes. It can cause illness if ingested, as well as considerable stress. Disguising an animal as another can also put it in physical danger from predators or, in this case, alarmed citizens.

Demand that the individual(s) responsible for this cruelty be found and charged with abuse. No innocent creature should have to endure such physical and mental harm.


Dear Inspector-General Bador,

Recent photos of a poor dog painted to look like a tiger have sparked international outrage. This paint job would not have only caused mental distress to the animal, but also physical harm. Paint is known to cause illness and irritation in dogs. In addition, the dog could have easily been killed by alarmed civilians who thought a tiger was in their neighborhood

The individual(s) responsible for this crime should be caught, identified, and charged immediately. No poor animal should ever have to endure such physical and mental abuse.


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Photo Credit: Animal Malaysia



  1. Gabriela Torres says:

    ‘Brainless’ people!

  2. Such disgusting idiots who find this amusing! They need to be found and punished severely. This is not ok. Poor dog.

    • I hope they find the piece of garbage that did this awful thing to that poor dog. No animal deserves to be treated so horribly by a piece of shit human. I hope this dog will be okay and that he/she will be taken cared of. As for the trash that did this, put him/her to death. They put this poor dog at risk of dying or becoming very ill.

  3. These brain-dead, sub human monsters need to be caught and jailed for a long time!! Despicable and evil cruelty to defenseless animals must never go unpunished. Malaysian police must find these bastards and serve justice for this tortured dog. Shame on you inbred barbarians.

  4. That is so cruel and disgusting.
    I hope that someone is able to put this dog and can help him and that the color is washed out from his fur. Its unbelievable how many sick and disgusting people are there

  5. Valerie Gaffney says:

    This person needs stringing up – what makes a person do something like this. The poor dog could have been shot! Somebody must know who did this because they are probably bragging about the “wonderful likeness” they have created. Well when you do catch them, shoot them on sight: I do hope that someone or an animal charity is helping this poor dog

  6. Do the people in Malaysia have no brains and something called compassion? I hope at least tha Malaysia government catches the culprits and punishes them severly.

  7. Malaysia, you MUST punish HARSHLY these sub-humans who are nothing but PRIMITIVE CRETINS! Is it how Muslims respect GOD’s CREATION!? The dog can get extremely SICK and SUFFER immensely from washing OFF this paint. These primitive idiots MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as they have put the dog in a big danger and have INSULTED GOD by NOT RESPECTING His creation!! SHAME and DISGRACE!!!

  8. What become of the poor dog ??? Is he/she alright now ???

  9. I agree with all the comments and I mean all of them. BARBARIC FUCKIN COUNTRY

  10. Whoa! People! How can you judge an entire country by the actions of a few idiots?! That just IS NOT RIGHT! And the fact that you mention that they are Muslim is just CRAZY! Do you ever hear, “ well he/she is a Catholic, or a Methodist” or any other religion? NO! Because everyone thinks that they are better than the rest! This was probably the work of some stupid kids. No, it wasn’t right, but take note that most of the petitions on this site are for the abuses done by Americans. Get some anger management sessions!!!! Karma bites HARD!

  11. Malaysia? I just wonder how reliable police is there on a case like this. If anyone from Malaysia is reading this and wants true justice? When the idiot who painted the dog is found, grab him or her and paint them with Rustoleum to look like a polar bear. Two coats of paint, please.


  13. This needs to stop

  14. Once the pos’s are found, strip them naked, spray their entire body black. Tie their hands and put them out on the street!! In Iran!!!

  15. Show them How funny it is by dunking their heads in paint another and then walk around with it forever.

  16. I think the abuser/killers need to be naked and have targets painted all over them – front and back. And use paint that is extremely difficult to remove. They will love it… IN MY OPINION

  17. More importante than finding the cruel, mindless brutes who did this to the poor dog is to make sure that she has been rescued by an Association (surely there must be Animal Protection Associations even in Malaysia, taken to a Vet for treatment and then to a Shelter to find a forever home. She desserves it!

  18. Justin Recht says:

    No shortage of assholes in this world.
    Find them and dowse them in paint.

  19. The bastards needs the same done to them

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