Don’t Exclude the LGBTQ Community from Public School Sex-Ed

Target: Keven Ellis, Chair, Texas State Board of Education

Goal: Don’t ignore LGBTQ issues in public school sex-ed lessons.

For the first time in over two decades, the Texas State Board of Education is overhauling its sex-ed curriculum, but will still exclude LGBTQ issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation. This censorship silences an entire community and puts millions of Texas students at risk.

LGBTQ teens make up about 2% of the state’s entire public school student population. Instead of learning about safe sex, gender identity, and consent from educators, they’re forced to research these issues online and rely on the media. This puts them in danger of sexually transmitted diseases, abuse, and discrimination. As one student says to a Texas news station, the censorship of LGBTQ issues only increases bullying by making the LGBTQ community seem like “freaks.”

The Texas State Board of Education should not exclude an entire community from its curriculum. The LGBTQ community cannot and should not be ignored. Doing so only puts millions of teens at risk. Sign the petition to demand that the state not exclude LGBTQ issues from public sex-ed classes.


Dear Mr. Ellis,

Over 2% of the Texas public school student population identifies as LGBTQ. Despite this, their health is being censored and ignored. By preventing teachers from educating youth on gender identity and sexual orientation, their physical and mental health is put at risk.

It is outrageous that it took over 20 years for your board to revisit its archaic sex-ed curriculum. If LGBTQ issues are not made a topic of discussion, you’ve failed your state and its students. It should not take another 20 years for this change.


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