Stop Trump Administration From Clear Cutting Old Growth National Forest

Target: Vicki Christiansen, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service

Goal: Do not sell land for clear-cutting in the Tongass National Forest.

The Trump administration has proposed a timber sale in the Tongass National Forest that would mean the clear-cutting of thousands of acres of old-growth forest. The Tongass forest is the largest remaining temperate rainforest on Earth. Clear-cutting parts of it would have wide-ranging consequences, from ecological collapse to increasing climate change.

It has been shown that clear cutting forests results in an overgrown and uniform forest that sprouts up in its wake. This dramatically reduces forest health and increases the likelihood of catastrophic fires in the future.

Forests are very important for biodiversity, air quality, and climate stabilization. Many different plants and animals that depend on each other live in the forest. Clear-cutting removes the trees, which alters the ecosystem in drastic ways that can lead to the extinction of forest species. Trees also filter the air by trapping particulates, like chemicals and other pollutants.

But perhaps the greatest service trees do for us is to mitigate the effects of climate change. Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is produced in large amounts by burning fossil fuels, but trees act as a carbon sink. Old-growth trees store large amounts of carbon. With deforestation, that sink is removed and the effects of climate change will increase.

With numerous effects of climate change already hitting us, we need our forests more than ever. Sign the petition below to demand that the Tongass National Forest not be clear-cut.


Dear Ms. Christiansen,

The Tongass National Forest is an asset to the nation because it cleans the air, mitigates climate change, and contains countless diverse species. The decision to sell areas of the National Forest for clear-cutting neglects the significant value forests hold as a carbon sink, as trees take in carbon dioxide. The Tongass National Forest is the largest remaining temperate forest and it stores a significant amount of carbon in its old-growth trees. Without trees taking up carbon dioxide, climate change will happen even faster.

The world is spiraling toward a climate disaster, with temperatures rising every year that cause heatwaves, storms, and intense wildfires. Protecting our forests is vital to reducing climate change. I demand that you stop plans to sell Tongass National Forest land for clear-cutting.


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  1. So many animals, trees and plants depend on our forests. Why does trump want to destroy EVERYTHING GOOD? He doesn’t care about clean water, air or anything else. He is most interested in negating ANYTHING that PRESIDENT OBAMA enacted regardless of the negative outcome. trump must be stopped from destroying our environment and many other things. IN MY OPINION

  2. Muriel Servaege says:

    It’s time Trump understood things have changed. Trees are of the utmost importance for us to go on living. What’s so difficult to understand about that???

  3. I read some interesting comments… so, if real trees are cut down because they pose a fire threat what will be planted in their stead to counteract the extreme weather everyone is experiencing? Plastic trees that don’t burn? Will these plastic trees consume carbon dioxide like real trees do? Will they offer homes for animals… look pretty… sound comforting… get Nature’s blessing? I doubt it. Once humans destroy something, they usually regret it later 🙁

  4. How could we save ourselves from a person like Trump?

  5. kol… Are you for real? VOTE that POS and all of the rebubliCONS running for office OUT!!! They’re literally destroying our country and they DON’T care!

  6. Might I add…. RepubliCONS are actually destroying our planet!

  7. Shirley Lemieux says:

    National Forest lands such as the Tongass Forest land should be spared from clear cutting.

  8. It is time vile and evil American destroyer and Wildlife murderer Trump was eradicated from the Planet before this monster Trump destroys the Laws that protect the Wildlife, the environment and all the Laws that protect America.
    Down with Trump and his cronies.

  9. Patricia Wicker says:

    Trump is trying to destroy Everything!!! He must GO!!

  10. Alexandre Engelen says:

    This nonsense should stop: destroying forests = destroying humanity. Trees can live up to 400-500 years and more. They reach the age of full-grown at 150 years and are at that moment profitable for the ecosystem (take a maximum of carbon dioxide, eject more oxygen and water etc.). We need trees to survive our pollution!!!

  11. Hello everyone, please read this. There are too many petitions lately using either the Trump administration or Trump as a heading. These petitions are a way to manipulate the public against President Trump. Since election time is near, they use comments as the one in this petition to make Donald Trump look like the worst. The cutting of forests and destruction of the environment have been going on for many years before Trump took office. The destruction of our environment is mainly our fault, the people’s fault by using products like plastic and other derived products form oil, wood and other pollutants. Please educate yourself and learn how the press, media and other sources of communication drive people’s mind to whatever they want the people to react to. There is always more than is told and is what is not told that’s usually where the truth lies. Don’t let yourselves be manipulated, don’t fall for any stupid remark someone makes. Don’t follow the crowd, be an individual, that’s what true freedom is all about.

    • You’re not special for wanting to ignore an obvious danger. You’re not original for pointing out that our collective destruction of the planet is much bigger than Trump. You are a coward for withdrawing from the fact that this is a destructive presidency.

  12. Justin Recht says:

    Life without trees = death to the planet.
    It would be fantastic for Mr. Trump to take the lead on this issue and stop (forever) all clear-cutting – designate this area as a National Treasure!

  13. I gather now we may not have sign this petition because the cunt lost?

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