Protect Out National Forests from Oil Drilling and Fossil Fuel Interests

Target: David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Protect our National Forests from oil drilling by allowing public input and Forest Service review.

National Forests, which process carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, filter air pollution, and house many endangered species, could be opened up to oil drilling. Because of the many services forests provide us, destroying forests in order to produce fossil fuels would have far-reaching effects not only on ecosystems but also on people.

The new rule proposed by the Department of the Interior would remove public input, stop the Forest Service from doing environmental review, and remove the requirement for the Forest Service to consent to oil leases. These changes would make it quick and easy for the fossil fuel industry to move in and take over our forests, both destroying nature and increasing the effects of climate change.

Forests are an extremely important part of our nation because of their effects on climate and public health. Trees take in carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, and in turn release oxygen, which we need to breathe. In this way, trees can help to mitigate the effects of climate change by taking up some of the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels. Trees also clean the air as they take in carbon dioxide and filter out toxic particles. Besides these benefits for humans, forests host a wide variety of plants and animals, which are already suffering from intense deforestation.

Oil drilling does the opposite of forests—instead of cleaning the air and reducing carbon dioxide levels, it increases climate change. Forests should be protected from destruction to ensure public health and future biodiversity. Sign the petition below to demand that the Department of the Interior protect forests by including input from the public and review by the Forest Service for oil drilling leases.


Dear Secretary Bernhardt,

The new rule to remove public input and Forest Service review of oil drilling leases in National Forests would open the doors to widespread destruction of forests. This will not only affect forests themselves but also air quality levels and climate change because forests play an important role in filtering air and removing carbon dioxide. The replacement of forests with oil drilling plants will increase greenhouse gases and remove the mechanism used to mitigate climate change.

The Forest Service should be able to review these effects and veto projects that severely harm forests. I demand that you withdraw this rule change and allow public input and Forest Service environmental review to ensure our National Forests are protected.


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Photo Credit: Chris Vreeland


  1. Mr. David Bernhardt. Please use your intelligence, if any, and realize humanity is destroying it’s own source of life. No more oil please.

  2. Considering all the forests that are burning around the world, you’d think that we would ALL see trees as precious. They give us the air that we breathe, shade to comfort us, roots to hold our soil from washing away, food for wildlife and humans, and beauty to soothe our senses. Save the trees!

  3. Justin Recht says:

    Dear Sir – how to you wish to be remembered?
    One that helped destroy a fantastic area of our planet or one
    that helped saving if – how will your grandchildren think of you?

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