Fire Officers Who Reportedly Shot an Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy

Target: Mike Brown, Chief of Police for the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department

Goal: Immediately fire officers reportedly involved in shooting a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome.

A 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome was reportedly shot several times by police officers in Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. The boy, Linden Cameron, recovered in a hospital from injuries to his shoulder, both ankles, his intestines and bladder.

Cameron’s mother, Golda Barton, called 911 in request of crisis intervention because her son was having an episode related to “bad separation anxiety”resulting from her going to work for the first time in over a year. Barton told police, “He’s unarmed, he doesn’t have anything, he just gets mad and starts yelling and screaming.” She then claimed that, within five minutes of entering the house, officers were yelling “get down on the ground” before firing several shots. While Sergeant Keith Horrocks of the SLC Police said he thought Cameron “had made threats to some folks with a weapon,” police later confirmed that no weapon was found at the scene.

We cannot continue to support a police force that shoots and kills unarmed citizens, many of which suffer from mental illness. Sign below to demand that the officers determined to be involved in Cameron’s shooting are immediately fired and charged with assault.


Dear Chief Brown,

It has become exceptionally evident that American police are not adequately trained in de-escalation and should not respond to any mental health incident. Yet again, an unarmed American citizen was shot; this time, it was a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome.

This is profoundly unacceptable. I demand that you immediately fire all officers determiend to be involved in the shooting of Linden Cameron and charge them with assault.


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  1. I will never understand why police officers, who are supposed to protect, think that they have the right to use deadly force whenever they want to. THIS IS, YET, ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF POLICE FORCES OUT OF CONTROL AND IT MUST STOP!!!!!1

  2. The cops should be held accountable, and lose there immunity and there pensions.

  3. American Girl says:

    These are the kind of cops who give every other hard working professional cop a bad name. They couldve/should’ve tackled this child! A bear hug probably would have sufficed! To shoot him was overbearing and criminal. Prosecute these idiots!

  4. Fire the cops responsible .. and lay charges against them

  5. This is terrible. This poor young man. He suffered so much from being shot at with bullets. This is HORRIBLE. We all hope he will be alright but it is going to be a long recovery and he may have problems with his intestines for a long time. Just Awful.

  6. This officer should be charged with ASSAULT!

  7. Police officers do not read minds. They didn’t know this 13 yr old with the body of a man had mental issues. In today’s climate, this officer must have felt threatened. U were not there.u don’t know whole story but u are quick to blame cops.people like u are the problem.act first n punish before knowing facts.

  8. Too many in law enforcement are kill happy – it must end now…IMO

  9. Maria Bertrand says:

    Cameron I wish you God’s hand for a full and speedy recovery. I am so sorry.

    It is sad that some police employ measures that should come as a LAST RESORT…There should be more training for these types of situations with safer options for the UNARMED.

    In a lot of these cases the police out number the so called criminal but yet they act the criminals out number them!


  11. You call the police seeking help. Only to have your 13 year old child shot multiple times. As a mother I cannot imagine what this mother is going through see her child shot by police. There is something drastically wrong with the way police are being trained. One bullet isn’t enough, they shot seven bullets into a 13 year old child. Of course they are above the law and will not be held accountable because they where doing their job.

  12. transformation6891Janey says:

    Mental Health Teams should be accessible for something like this but Yes De escalation and dealing with their own anxiety should be in their training. Panic is unspoken about I suspect but it is there watch them interviewing people and you can see they are human like you and I but denying their fear..they act inappropriately from that place This poor kid how tragic for him and his Mother

  13. The vile and evil lowlife Fire Officers must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. Deliberately shooting a 13 year old is an abomination of evilness and sadism.

  14. Patricia Wicker says:

    Fire His Ass!!!

  15. Marie France Lemire says:

    I hope he can live a normal life as possible. I pray for more understanding for all people in his condition.

  16. Sherri Robertson says:

    This woman who was trying to support her family, called the police for help and describing her sons condition to only create unnecessary occurrence of events due to the police. This is a complete outrage especially upon a child. They should be immediately terminated from their positions. There we’re so many other alternative means they could have taken versus pulling their weapons and shooting a child.

  17. Janet Garraghan says:

    How pathetic of those power crazy, backward degenerates! Of course they should be fired AND charged with assault! Completely unacceptable that they did this and equally unacceptable that they haven’t been fired and prosecuted! What a system! Unbelievable!

  18. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Shocking. Gun happy idiots. 13 years old and you had to use a gun??????? SHAME ON YOU

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