Puppies Allegedly Stolen and Found Dead Deserve Justice

Target: Monmouth County, New Jersey Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni

Goal: Give people who allegedly stole puppies severe legal sentence.

The remains of two German shepherd puppies were allegedly found in a fire pit on private property, and police further claimed that two other puppies were buried on the same land. Tricia Jaccoma and Daniel McDonald were arrested and charged with third-degree animal cruelty and theft. They need to spend time in prison if they are found guilty of these crimes to better ensure more animals will not suffer.

According to reports, the puppies had been stolen from a farm in another county. Police claimed that Jaccoma had been hiding out since June to try and avoid charges. She and McDonald are currently in jail awaiting trial. Sign this petition to demand they receive strict legal sentences if it is found they hurt or murdered these unsuspecting puppies.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Gramiccioni,

Police arrested Tricia Jaccoma and Daniel McDonald after allegedly finding four stolen, dead German shepherd puppies on their property. They need to receive harsh legal sentences if it is found they are guilty of theft and animal cruelty so that other animals will hopefully not be harmed.

Reports state that the dogs had been taken from someone else’s property. Two of the puppies had allegedly been buried on Jaccoma’s and McDonald’s land, and two other puppies’ remains were said to be found in an area where a fire had been previously lit. It was also reported that Jaccoma had left her home in June to avoid being arrested. She was later found and brought up on theft and animal abuse charges, while McDonald was charged in June. Both Jaccoma and McDonald are facing third-degree animal cruelty charges, and they will soon face possible consequences in court. For these reasons, we demand you seek the maximum penalty possible for Jaccoma and McDonald if it is found they are responsible for either stealing or displaying cruelty toward these fragile puppies.


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  1. Sentence for those 2 thugs: DEATH

  2. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and ale to help perform this procedure!

  3. They need to die – they are a menace to society…animals and humans alike. Hopefully, they will be removed from society forever – like in solitary…IN MY OPINION

  4. The puppy killers deserve the death penalty; deport them to hel*

  5. Frank Anzaldi says:

    Give me 1 hour with these POS, I promise you they will die in a most horrific way.

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