Trump: Apologize for Calling Dead Soldiers “Suckers” and “Losers”

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Apologize for disgusting attacks on American soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”  Out of any context, these words would be shocking and deplorable. The fact that they came from the Commander-in-Chief of the United States and the subject of this horrific sentiment was fallen war heroes adds a whole new dimension of sickness. Several independent sources with direct knowledge have confirmed the statements made by Donald Trump after he canceled a visit to France’s Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in 2018. Unfortunately, the statement was neither surprising nor unprecedented for this president.

The disparagement did not end with the above statement. The president went on to refer to those who died in military service as “suckers,” and at a separate time used the same word in reference to Vietnam veterans. Trump himself avoided military service by claiming he had bone spurs. He also questioned at one point why the U.S. should make efforts to find soldiers missing in action because they “got what they deserved” for getting caught.  When faced with the prospect of inviting amputees and other wounded soldiers to a ceremony, Trump replied, “nobody wants to see that.” During yet another incident, while standing over the grave of the son of former Chief of Staff John Kelly, Trump said to the grieving father: “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”

While the president has predictably dismissed these reports as “fake news,” they fall too comfortably in line with previous public behavior. The widow of a fallen soldier spoke of Trump’s dismissive attitude during a phone call with her, and a Gold Star family had a very public dispute with the president. In reference to former POW Senator John McCain, Trump mused during an interview: “I like people who weren’t captured.”  The president even became enraged when flags were lowered to half-staff following McCain’s passing, throwing out a repeated and familiar public insult against the Senator: “loser.”

This is behavior unbefitting the man tasked with leading this nation’s military…unbefitting any human being. Sign the petition below to demand an admission and an apology for these shameful and inflammatory words that cut into the very fabric of real American values.


Dear President Trump,

You have called minority athletes “bastards” who should be fired for peaceful protests that you say disrespected the flag and the military. What, then, Mr. President, should America do with a man who thinks dead and missing war heroes are “losers” and “suckers” who “got what they deserved”? What should the military, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, who have sacrificed for this country think of a leader who threatened to disown his own children if they ever joined the ranks of “losers” and “suckers” by joining the military?

Your protests of outrage ring hollow. Even those who defend you never utter the words: “Donald Trump would never say such a thing.” Your Twitter feed alone is evidence that you are capable of saying these things and so much more.

Please take this moment not to lash out but to reflect. Admit your mistakes and apologize. The real heroes of this country deserve that much.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Apparently Force Change falls for every bit of slander and lies they hear – but only when it concerns President Trump!
    This is merely A TACTIC to help defeat our president on Election Day, and it is seen for what it is—-too bad YOU folks can’t see that because of your TDS!!!

    • Kory Chatelain says:

      Linday Hilty-Tuttle you apparently are one of the willingly ignorant people in this country who refuse to see what 45 is really like. His entire life has been built on lies, hypocrisy, cowardice and insults. Your support of someone who lies to you on a daily, if not hourly bases is very telling. To feel better about yourself you have to buy into 45’s lies and his insulting the handicapped and everyone who doesn’t agree with him. When confronted with facts you will first throw insults, then start screaming about “fake news” and conspiracy theories then you will say flat out that is isn’t true. But what do you expect from people who bury their heads in the sand and expect a charlatan to lead this country?

      • Gillian Miller says:

        Actually, I am neither a Trump supporter or hater and I follow what is happening without prejudice. There is a lot of fake news when it comes to Trump. The MSM lies and distorts the truth and fails to report things which he does right such as signing an act to prevent human trafficking in January as opposed to Obama who handed over children to trafficking rings. All out there in the public domain but do you hear it? Trump has done a lot of good for America and improved employment for blacks and Hispanics as well as whites which Obama failed to do. Trump does say silly things and people tend to pick up on that and report it. An example is UV lights which goes into the lungs and treats infections and is currently in use by transport to clean vehicles. Hydroxychloroquine which has been shown to work but the FDA are refusing to release it because the pharmaceuticals want to sell crap vaccines. My beef with Trump is over his lack of interest in the environment and the wildlife.

        • Joanne Fleming says:

          very well put Gillian

        • I agree with you entirely, especially your last point. Some of us who care about animal welfare and the environment have had to prioritize and temporarily put aside issues that matter to us. It’s a sensitive line to walk. I’ve participated in animal demos where people assumed that I was a liberal; on the other hand, I’ve attended pro-police rallies where people assumed that I ate meat and use plastic straws.


          • Record numbers fleeing NYC because of lockdown and hateful people in masks like you who can only revel in venom and self-importance. Record number of blacks leaving the Democrat plantation. #WalkAway. Latins for Trump. Asians for Trump. Women for Trump.

        • Boy are you delusional Gillian! Obama was one of the most caring, respectful, intelligent Presidents in our history. He didn’t have to cheat to get into Harvard either, unlike Chump Trump having someone doing his SAT’s for him and his sister doing all of his homework for his dumb ass. The problem with a lot of you orange clown supporters is that you’re a bunch of racist pigs just like your cult leader. You can’t stand the fact that a “Black” President did a significantly better job at running our country. Trumptard’s racist ass has ALWAYS been jealous of Barrack Obama and for good reason. Move on all of you White Nationalist idiots!

        • Gillian do you work in the medical field? I do! I think you should stay in your lane when talking about medications and pharmaceutical companies. You have NO idea!

      • Well said. He cried like a little p…. to avoid serving his country.

      • kelly stapleton says:

        It’s nothing but more lies!


      • Let the trumptards have thier meltdowns. Triggered traitors.

    • This statement never happened.

    • The Dems are desperately grasping at straws; you can hear the hysteria in their childish words. But people who love this country are strong in numbers and in spirit, and we don’t fall for random crap that sounds like something dreamed up by a college-indoctrinated 20-something with dysfunctional Daddy issues. Thanks to the internet, we can now get past the lies and find the truth.

    • 👍🏻 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

    • LMAO!!! Trump d**k sucking syndrome. TRUTH HURTS.

    • Sheila Marquis says:

      Love it!!!! If Force change is entering the political arena and spreading fake news, I guess I’ll have to drop signing the other worthy petitions!!

    • Traitor. I suppose he did not say those vile words about being captured? You are a vile pos just like cadet bone spurs.

  2. GO TRUMP!! MAGA!!!

  3. Funny how Trump got out of fighting in Vietnam, due to his ‘bone spurs’.
    I didn’t vote for him the first time around, and I hope that he gets voted out of the White House.

    • Gillian Miller says:

      If you’ve never had bony spurs then you won’t know how painful they are. If Trump doesn’t get in then you have a president with dementia who is so rotten that I’m surprised that he hasn’t broken into bits. He is as corrupt and useless as the rest of the Dems especially Cuomo. Biden has a corrupt lying running mate who will take over after a few months. She set up an innocent person and paid the chief witness to lie. And, the only way they will get in is through fraud ie number of fake voting slips. If you thought Trump was bad then they will totally destroy America, you are unlikely to recover.

      • Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

        Really APPRECIATE BOTH of your replies, Gillian Miller! Granted, President Trump is not perfect, any more than the rest of us, but he is FAR MORE PERFECT than anyone the Dems have to offer! As for you, Cory Chatelain, you have my sympathies because your vessel is corroded with immeasurable amounts of hatred, that are poisoning your ability to see TRUTH & REALITY! I will keep you in my prayers, along with all the other TDS victims.

      • Gillian… Funny thing is that “The Liar in Chief” doesn’t know what bone spurs are either! His corrupt daddy paid off a phony doctor to say he had them. Funny how that works when you’re wealthy huh?

  4. If Trump’s statements are true about fallen hero’s, this is a horrible shame coming from the leader of a nation. I’m a Marine Corps vet and proud of having served my country!

    • As much as Trump supports the military and law enforcement, you can take it to the bank that he never said anything even remotely like that. All the Democrats have are lies.

      • You need to get your head out of Trumptard’s a$$!!!! Trumptard’s not only been fact checked on the hateful things that he’s said about veterans, he’s on video saying them. John McCain is one example. I don’t understand why you so-called RepubliCONS are so hell bent on having this DICtator ruin our country more than he already has. Move to Russia with your POS cult leader. BTW …. Why hasn’t trumptard said anything to his buddy Putin about putting bounties on our American soldiers in Iran?? HE DOESN’T CARE!!!!!

        • Alicia, I would venture to say that you head is so far up your ass, that it is now sticking out of your mouth. PRESIDENT Trump is trying to undo all the communistic policies that Bathhouse Barry enacted! Obama is the one that was caught on a hot mic making promises to the Russians, not Trump! As far as John McCain goes, he was NOT a hero! His platoon didn’t call him songbird McCain for no reason. The only reason he didn’t get a dishonorable discharge after the fiasco with the plane he destroyed on the warship, was because his father was an admiral! Donald John Trump has more American patriotism in his pinky, than all of you socialist/communist Liberals have in your entire body! Your ilk are the ones that support communist China! Your ilk are the ones that burn our flag! Your ilk are the ones that kneel for the National Anthem! You are the one that needs to move to Russia, or better yet China! What do you think the One World Order is that you and your fellow socialists are so hell bent on getting? It certainly isn’t freedom!

          • You are as big an A** as your hero Trump. What is wrong with you people???? This man lies every time he opens his mouth, he’s a bigot, hate monger, pervert and a disgrace to this country. He wants to give us to his buddies Putin and Rocket Man. If you want to believe that he is so great, then maybe you should move to these other countries because that could be who will be running our country anyway.

          • FedUp…Socialism is nothing more than a “scareword” used by you and your fascist buddy Trumptard and friends. You repukes are all about Socialism for the rich, but when it comes to helping the middle class and poor your CORRUPT party uses it as a dirty word. Look around at all of the RepubliCONS (with brains) that have left the party because of the orange clown contaminating the White House. Over 190,000 people dead because YOU and other low IQ people elected an Incompetent reality show actor as President! BTW John McCain was a POW and deserves RESPECT! Mr. Bone Spurs in nothing more than a COWARD! Who’s burning flags moron? Who’s the white trash flying the Confederate flags? Shows your ignorance. You need to stay off of Fox Entertainment too. Obama didn’t put up with Putin’s shit. FACT!!!! Don the Con’s in Love with him! Can’t wait to see his corrupt ass in jail 2021/ LOL

      • Another brainwashed trumptard.LMAO!!!!!

    • We patriots are grateful for your service. Pres. Trump loves the men and women of the military and would never say or even think such a vile thing. It’s another hit job in a line of hit jobs which haven’t stopped since 2016. No decent human being, much less a President of the United States, would disparage men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Only deranged people who are full of hate would fabricate something like this and exploit fallen heroes for politics.

      • Trumptard’s OWN family’s called this monster a sociopath. Anyone with a brain can see through the all of the lies and deception that your cult leader spews on a daily basis. RepubliCONS are the party of hate and division period. You’re right when you say that NO decent human being would disparage men and women in the military, but this guy’s not dealing with a full deck. Just ask the 4 star Generals that served under this monster…


        “No decent human being, much less a President of the United States, would disparage men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.”

        STILL THINK HE WOULD NEVER (in your words): “exploit fallen heroes for politics.”?REALLY?!?!?

    • Thank you for your service Jaime Perez. My dad served in the Marine Corps also, and my brother was in the Navy for 6 years. Very proud of both of them. Fact is….. Trumptard’s NOT a leader. He doesn’t care about any of us. Only himself. He’s a very selfish dishonorable person.

  5. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! There is no bigger loser than him!

  6. Since ths never happened, theres nothing to apologize for.

  7. This never even happened

  8. This is an outright lie and has been debunked. I was going to say more, but it’s a waste of time on this site.

    I have signed many many animal petitions on this site, but such a blatantly political petition I will NOT sign — not even if you skin me like a Yulin dog which, I see from the venom in some of the comments here, you’d be lining up to do.

  9. Even if some people want to make the case that some of Trump’s policies are good for America, I can’t believe that anyone could overlook the obvious multiple character flaws that make him unfit to serve as president. Even if you overlook the fact that he’s desperate not to reveal his tax affairs, how can any right-thinking person convince themselves vote for someone with such appalling personal qualities? Quite evidently, the man is a vicious, but cowardly and philandering narcissist – and a man who has no concept of service. That, presumably, is why he has such little regard for other, better quality people (e.g. veterans) who do. What an utterly contemptible man.

    • Could not have said it better.
      On top of all his despicable character traits (I think he has every horrible character trait a human being can have) I don’t understand how any woman could support someone who bragged about sexually assaulting women, who calls women demeaning, disgusting names, and would refer to most of his followers by the same names if they didn’t support him. Someone who clearly has NO respect for women! Actually he has no respect for anyone.

    • Elizabeth Sargeant Elizabeth Sargeant says:

      Very well put Kim Singer, and so obviously true.

      You only have to watch and listen to this man to know that he has no political background, has little or no personality, nor diplomacy. And as such it is a disgrace that he is President of the United States of America.
      He cares not for the environment, he dismisses climate change, and as for animal welfare, practically non existent in the USA. I mean how many US states still have not banned beastiality, in this day and age? On top of that he also seemingly cares little for the people of the USA, shown by his lack of leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic.
      God forbid he stays in office for another four years!

    • Kim Singer: Thank you for eloquently and intelligently putting words to the feelings of countless Americans. My greatest hope is that a vast majority of former Trump voters will look past their own desires for their political party and come to see him for what he is: a danger to ALL Americans.
      Donald Trump is only concerned about improving his own life–not the lives of the citizens of this country. He is dangerous, not because he’s a Republican, but because he is a deceitful man who lacks courage, conviction and the strength of character to be ANY kind of leader. When there are actual video and audio recordings (that we have all seen and heard–from many different types of news outlets) that prove the vile, hateful and even childish things this man has said, I am shocked that so many upstanding, hardworking, honest, moral, caring Americans have continued to stand behind him. Please ask yourself:
      Would you ever let your child (esp your daughter) be a student in the classroom of a male teacher who bragged about “grabbing women by the p***y” in order to control them? Would you let a man who never served in the military but %who publicly insulted an American P.O.W. soldier,(by saying; “He’s a hero because he got caught! I like people who don’t get caught!”) decide whether or not to send your child into war? Would you even allow that man to attend the funeral of a captured, tortured, slain soldier in your own family? Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you allow Trump to govern this country.
      THIS MAN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, AMERICA!!! Can you not see by his own (well recorded) words and actions that he is a disrespectful, spoiled man-child who is only out for himself and those closest to him?! And here’s a big one: Would you vote a man who said both of those things into a leadership position in your own church? Then why on earth would you vote for such a man to lead your country?! Wake up, America–this is no longer about political parties!! This election is about saving this country from a man who wants to be a dictator–not a leader. And he doesn’t care who he has to hurt or destroy in the process. Democrats aren’t ideal saviours but they are definitely the lesser evil in this case.

      • @Jenn R. Actually, there are plenty of Republicans that have left the party because of this Clown. The ones who have a conscious anyway. You’re right about all of the videos out there proving what an Evil person Trumptard is. There’s plenty of FACT checking also. I think that there are people out there that are Republicans and will vote for whoever leads the party. No matter how bad or harmful they might be for our country. They stick with the party and overlook all of the bad no matter what. It’s sad. They’re are plenty of respected republicans voting for Biden this time around. It’s Country over party. That’s how it should be. The fact is that Trumptard’s own family has called him out for being a sociopath. He doesn’t care about being re-elected. He wants to be in power. SAD. I wish people would wake up also. Our country can’t take another 4 years of destruction. The United States of America is a laughing stock to other countries right now. No Joke.

    • Bravo!!!!

    • @Kim Singer. Right on the money. Well said, and so true.

    • All you’ve done for 4 years is watch CNN and MSNBC and stew in your echo chamber. It’s a shame that you know nothing about all the good this president has done for this country, and yes even for you even though you’ll never know.

      • @Czerny.. And all you’ve done is watch a bunch of Trump kiss asses on Fox Entertainment who will do and say anything so as to NOT upset the man baby. All Fox has is a bunch of lying Conservatives on their channel. MSNBC has both republicans and democrats as journalists. They also have a lot of republican guest speakers that fact check Trumptard and show clips to prove what this monster does and says. Way more truths being told on MSNBC. They also do interviews with current and former intelligence personnel and administration. It’s funny that in your little pea brain, you actually think Trumptard’s done something good for someone other than himself or family. Everyone in his administration is or was convicted of a felony. Remember Trumptard saying: “I only hire the best”. Right. He can’t even hire the best criminals. They’re all getting caught. LOL


  11. LMAO!!! Cadet bone spurs will NEVER apologize. And look at all his cult members here having a meltdown. LMAO!!! TRAITOR TRUMPTARDS.

  12. Jionathan M. says:

    Nothing at all wrong with Trump. I believe it was Obama and Clinton the ‘humanists’ who bombed the people of Libya in an unwaranted attack.

    I also find Trump’s speeches extremely entertaining and to the point. What a dull world it would be with sleepy Joe in charge!

    • @Jionathan M Trumptards speeches are insulting to intelligent people. He’s not in the White House to entertain people. The only people entertained are his White Nationalist friends. He can barely read or talk without slurring his words. There’s nothing sleepy about Joe Biden either. He could run circles around that obese cheeseburger eating fat slob.

      • The desperation of the Democrats is palpable, and any old fabricated story will do. God knows what Biden will be like in 4 years, as he’s barely awake now.

        Trump is also the ONLY president to sign a bill – the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act – making animal abuse a federal crime.

        • Well that’s a good one. Trumtard protecting animals when his two ignorant sons pay thousands of dollars to kill innocent animals for trophies. The whole family is disgusting!!

  13. Poor trumpKKKin. 8 years of Obama hatred is coming back to you trumptards.

  14. Nothing at all wrong with Trump. I believe it was Obama and Clinton the ‘humanists’ who bombed the people of Libya in an unwaranted attack.

    I also find Trump’s speeches extremely entertaining and to the point. What a dull world it would be with sleepy Joe in charge!

  15. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    The psycho is a CLOWN in Chief his a fucking JOKE. And ALL you MAGA clowns are sick in the head too 🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🤡

  16. Trump’s an asshole plain & simple. Including his POS sons. All of the Trump family are cowards in every respect. It’s sad that his followers still believe in him. He’s a disgrace to the U.S and the rest of the world.

  17. Α sucker himself cannot call anyone a sucker!!!

    A person who is the best friend of a neurotic person, Erdogan, has no value!!!

  18. Raymond Stevens says:

    I don’t this bloated, sociopathic piece of shit is capable of making an apology for his evil doing.

  19. Just wondering if all the left wing socialist liberals on this thread were born stupid, or was it a learned disability?

  20. No thanks. I won’t be signing this petition. There is no proof of this, and many veterans are speaking out to say that he never said such things.
    Reading through this thread, I see that as per usual, all the extremely hateful vitriol comes out of the mouths of anti-Trump folks. I see it all day every day. You all prove yourselves to be a million times worse than everything you accuse Trump of being. I’m no big Trump fan (not a Trumptard, a term you folks keep repeating)… I’m too Libertarian-minded to relate with Dems or Repubs, so I’m really just an observer. But what I see every day is that Trump folks are patriotic, and just want to work hard, be thankful for what they have, and have a good time in their time off. The anti-Trump folks are miserable, and busy themselves with constantly raging and moaning about this or that. If I had to pick a side, it’d be an easy choice.

    • Don’t believe for one second you are not a trumptard. Go get reprogrammed. If a Dem did ONE IOTA of what this pos is doing you would yell impeachment and hang Obama.

    • @Pam Woodard. I guess you think the Trump trash that drive in to peaceful protests with their assault rifles, spraying people with paint balls and throwing objects at innocent people, and starting fights patriotic you have some screws loose. Nobody cares if you sign the petition. Don’t leave any comments either. Nobody cares about your lies and fabrications. A libertarian is actually more in tune with the right wing. Not much difference.

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