Stop Playing Political Games With the Right to Choose

Target: Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Don’t allow Republican lawmakers to successfully ban the abortion pill.

A person’s right to choose is under threat once again by Republican lawmakers, this time in an attempt to get the FDA-approved abortion pill banned. This combination of pills is taken to produce a miscarriage and is approved by the FDA as a safe method of abortion in the first ten weeks of a pregnancy.

This method is proven to be safe and yet Republican lawmakers, led by Senator Ted Cruz, are trying to encourage the FDA to classify the drug as dangerous so that it will be banned for use in the United States. This is a gross overstep by these senators. Sign our petition to demand that the commissioner of the FDA stand up to Cruz and his colleagues.


Dear Dr. Hahn,

The Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz are trying to get the Food and Drug Administration to ban the combination known as the “abortion pill,” despite all indications being that it is perfectly safe. This is clearly politically motivated and a gross overstep of government interference to try to get a safe medication banned.

Ted Cruz and his colleagues are a threat to the right to medical care for all Americans. As commissioner of the FDA, we hope you will use your authority to stand up to Cruz and simply tell him “no.” Defend the right of people to choose what to do with their own bodies.


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Photo Credit: U.S. Senate

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  1. Rachel Davies says:

    Men AGAIN AND STILL trying to restrict a woman’s choice. This is nothing to do with men. It is womens’ business and theirs alone.

    So many unwanted pregnancies. You should be able to buy this bloody pill at every corner shop.

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